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Re: Inkwells etc.

Dear Mark,

Though I don't think "numerous" is quite the right word for the number of
inkwells found at Qumran, I was only floating an idea after having read JMA
looking for some old dss info.

>While traveling by airplane during the last week, I read a book entitled "A
>Marginal Jew - Rethinking the Historical Jesus" by John P. Meier.  Meier
>discusses several matters that caused me to wonder about the issue of
>inkwells.  Perhaps, I am just not able to accept the notion that Roman
>soldiers would actually be using numerous inkwells as opposed to finger
You have a strange view of the then current master race! Is it strange that
a Roman command may have had inkwells? Remember that Julius Caesar wrote a
fair amount while on campaign. He probably didn't do all the writing of the

>One other thought related to the Romans "marching to Masada."  It has been
>awhile since my military service, but if the Romans first destroyed the
>occupation at the north end of the Dead Sea - whatever it was in about 68
>A.D. - why would anyone want to march down the western shore between the
>hills and the water.  I can't imagine an easier place for an ambush in that
>region of the world. There are lots of places to hide in those hills.
Why did the Romans destroy Masada? It was out of the way, no territorial
gain, no economic gain, extreme hardship and waste of resources. But then
again, that wasn't their interest: it was to allow no chance of rekindling
any rebellion, to show who was tops, and they would not let any guerrillas
fighting from hideouts in the hills stop them from their southward march, if
that indeed was what they did.


Ian Hutchesson

>  Wouldn't the Romans simply lauch some boats and row down to the shore east
>of Masada?  On the other hand, I have seen maps that show a road from J to
>Bethehem, from B. to Hebron, and from H to Engaddi.  My impression is that
>the area between Engaddi and Masada would not be as difficult militarily as
>the area between Q and Engaddi.  Perhaps someone that has modern military
>experience in the area knows more about the risks.  Perhaps, that is
>classified information.

By the way, was Marginal Jew worth the read? Curious, that's all.