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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

Mikey Poo,

When some dinkus starts using "Mr Hutchesson" to me, I quickly get the idea
that the person is playing the miffed prat.

>I knew Von Daniken, Von Daniken is a crook, he jumped to unwarranted
>conclusions just like Mr. Hutchesson.

You were the one who asked the significance of NPL's passing comment of the
title as if you didn't know what "von Daniken" meant. You unfortunately gave
the wrong signal. If you knew what you say you knew here, why did you ask?
>Now that we know that Shishak was _not_ Shoshenq,
"know", sport, is a bit to strong here. But, as you know, the topic of this
list is the Dead Sea Scrolls, and hopefully you aren't just following
deliberate distraction, such as the original post was, with more distraction.

>the revised
>chronology which has nothing to do with crypto anything might suprise
>even our new found Kreskin.
(Just because weird textual interpretations are flying around you don't have
to join the bandwagon. Wait a bit to see real reaction in the serious
Egyprological world, and don't be so bloody rash.)

>Another error on the part of our parapsychological enhanced friend is
>that contrary to his remark that we have not been well received, we have
>had at least ten times the number of interested parties than Mr.
>Hutchesson and his one friend.
Quality is plainly superior to quality. Who reads a bestseller ten years
after? The good book lasts. 

Scholarly endeavour is a matter of establishing as best as can be done at
the time the relevant facts, not a matter of how to win friends and
influence people. 

As Hannibal Lecter said, "run along now, little starling."


Ian Hutchesson

The following trite list of startling revelations contains the usual dose of
BibleBelt biblical interpretative framework, ignorance about Egyptology,
lack of contact with reality, but I'm sure that this potpourri of purile
quasi-trivia will sell, though you should know it won't sell here.

>Creation vs. Evolution
>Codes in the Torah.
>Sodom & Gomorrah: 1.5 million bodies found!
>The Famines of the Patriachs- In Egyptian Records!
>The Pyramids and The Sphinx, tombs or .......?
>Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
>Dan, Dan, The Travelling Man
>The Hyksos/The Israelites.
>The Jericho Story:- The Bible and the Archaeology match at last.
>The City of David found.
>Solomon's Family- a son in Egypt!
>Raiders of the Lost Ark:- Found.
>Hear Oh Israel, Where Oh Israel?...The Lost tribes....found.
>Ezra and The Great Assembly?
>The Aleph-Bais, alphabet or Holy Language?
>Esther the truth at last.
>The Dead Sea Scrolls, a mystery solved.

How many nongs have made these silly connections between Israel and Egypt?
How many dumbos go in for the biblical letter of truth syndrome?
How many football majors have post grads in Hebrew philology?
How many times do we have to suffer this recycled coprolitic stuff?

If I say I saw it the previous time, will you go away? Naaa, wishful
thinking. Mikey, give us your best shot then disappear, will you?