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Re: Josephus & DSS

Jim West wrote: 
> >I wish there were more of you making your voices felt against all these
> critics who
> >keep denigrating the ancient writings which include the Bible. Perhaps
> these critics
> >should give us some facts from the DSS which they say disprove the New 
> >Testament and Josephus and then we can make our own minds up instead of just
> >accepting wild statements like this implying that Acts is unreliable. 
> >
> Appalling!!!  How can one respond to such notions?  I was simply responding
> to a request made by a grad student and not entering into some kind of grand
> demonic scheme to undermine the NT.    Yet I suppose that thos who believe
> the Bible to be history must always respond with vitriol to any statements
> contrary to theirs.

Come on, Jim.  The "vitriol" in this statement is nothing compared to 
what you yourself said about Josephus, and how you said it.  Nobody 
said anything about any "demonic schemes" or any of the rest.  There 
are plenty of us who "believe the Bible to be history" who don't 
practice "vitriol," and I think you know it.

The original question was about the relation of the Qumran Community 
(if such a critter existed) to the "Essenes" as described by 
Josephus.  There having been no real evidence to show that Josephus 
is unreliable in his description of these people (except for 
"vitriol") I suggest we get back to the topic.

Dave Washburn
I've never had an original thought in my life,
so this opinion must be someone else's fault.