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Re: Josephus & DSS

Dear Steve,

Please try the following for a while:

1) forget that people have made a connection between the Essenes and Qumran,
between the Essenes and the dss;
2) think that the Sabbath Sacrifices probably got to Masada via carrier pigeon;
3) forget that anyone has suggested that Qumran was a monastery;

4) imagine that the War scroll was totally vicarious wishful thinking

until you've got independent arguments for sufficiently supporting any of
the things my list negates.

I always think it's better to say that you don't know rather than being just
plain wrong.


Ian Hutchesson

><< Because they were the only group which did not participate in the War
> against Rome in 68!
>  >>
>How does one explain the find of a DSS in Masada, if the Essenes were not
>participants in the war against Rome?
>Also, what "peaceful monk" wrote the War scroll between the War of the Sons
>of Light and the Sons of Darkness?
>Steve Abramowitz