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Re: biblical texts used devotionally

See DJD VI, p. 86, where Milik says of 4Q156 (Targum of Leviticus), 
that it was not a targum in the sense of a continuous translation of a 
biblical book, but "ils pourraient provenir d'un ouvrage liturgigue ou 
rituel ou` certaines parties seraient des traductions litte'rales de 
quelques sections du Pentateuque; cf. le rituel arameen dans la 
Description de la Jerusalem Nouvelle (2Q24; DJD III, pp 85-8)." 

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Dr. Mark Smith wrote:

> Colleagues,
> I am interested in DSS biblical texts possibly used for devotional or
> ritual purposes.  I am aware thus far of the following: Skehan's discussion
> of 11QPsa; 4QPhyl texts; Sidnie White on 4QDeutn (so too Weinfeld); Tov on
> two canticles texts (JJS 1995) which may be pertinent.  I would appreciate
> hearing of any other DSS texts which may be relevant to this topic.
> thanks,
> mark smith

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