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>     I feel that the the sects were once united as the Chasidim, but were
>divided later by the political stains of Judean independance. As each group
>struggled over control for the Temple. There were several civil wars,
>causing the distinction of the sects. But those that preserved the DSS may
>have been a movement to return to the old ways when the special interest
>groups were united in communes in the diasporah/exile period. Hence the
>Essenes, the Chasidim, and their decention from the corrupt quarreling over
>the Temple, siezed by opportunists, as opposed to men of God.
>     There is no reason to suspect that the Essenes did not support a
>Zodockite leadership amongst their priestly leaders, Their Guardian was
>probably Pharasaic in orientation, and so on. But not all the material in
>the DSS is of a single period. Rather slowly deposited over time. Hence the
>MMT document may have nothing to do with the R. Teacher or the drama
>surrounding him. Only that a Sadducean purists joined the commune lifestyle
>of the Essene sects, or deposited worn out scrolls in the caves separetly,
>or the Essenes were employed to copy worn-out scrolls for Sadducean clients.
>The possibilities are endless and depends upon what perspective one
>subscribes to, or paradigm.

I woul dusggest that you look into Professor Schiffman's work. It is quite
clear that the Sect was NOT alligned with the Pharisees (at least in their
early years).

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