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At 12:21 PM 5/12/96 -0500, LECHEM777@delphi.com wrote:
>... But those that preserved the DSS may
>have been a movement to return to the old ways when the special interest
>groups were united in communes in the diasporah/exile period. Hence the
>Essenes, the Chasidim, and their decention from the corrupt quarreling over
>the Temple, siezed by opportunists, as opposed to men of God. ...

>Lechem ben HaAri
>AKA: Brad Harrison

Thank you for your many interesting comments. At the risk of rehashing old
debates (since I am new to this forum), in light of your comment above, is
the testimony of the DSS valuable only for the viewpoint of an extremist
sect, or does it also have value for understanding mainstream Judaism ca.
30-70 C.E.?