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I have the CD-ROM and no it doesn't contain all the fragments. It is
old-scool based, dramatic in tone and it is aimed naturally at sales -- in
short it's a commercial venture, and not a bad one at that. I have found it
interesting because it has many dss beasts: you can see a lot of Larry
Schiffman & Geza Vermes. You'll be able to hear Bob Eisenman, Michael Wise,
Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, Philip Davies and Magen Broshi. There is a large
selection of documents, but only one of the new wave of important
discoveries. It seems to take the old guard's line of Essene/monastery.
Content supervision was acredited to Dr Ronnie Reich.

It is interesting to see but it's not, for me, very substantial: it's very
difficult to be so in such a market.

Bob Kraft, I think, still has his review of the CD-ROM on his web-site.

Ian Hutchesson

>Hello all,
>Logos has a CD-ROM with the DSS. I would like to ask listers if they 
>are familiar with this CD-ROM, and/or have they used it? Does it 
>contain all fragments published? How good arte the translations? 
>Which authorities participated in or were consulted in preparing this 
>Also, does anyone know of other CD-ROMs with DSS?
>Your responses will be appreciated.