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>Hello all,
>Logos has a CD-ROM with the DSS. I would like to ask listers if they 
>are familiar with this CD-ROM, and/or have they used it? Does it 
>contain all fragments published? How good arte the translations? 
>Which authorities participated in or were consulted in preparing this 
>Also, does anyone know of other CD-ROMs with DSS?
>Your responses will be appreciated.
>Jonathan D. Safren
>Department of Biblical Studies
>Beit Berl College
>44905 Beit Berl Post Office


The CD is very basic- more of an intro to Scrolls studies than anything
else.  It also, at least in its earliest incarnation, had several glitches
which caused it to shut down a lot.

The worst part is that you cant print anything.  You can look, but you cant
touch seems to have been the motto of the makers.

To me, the money would be better spent on a book of photographs.


Jim West