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Re: Qumran Monastary

On Fri, 3 May 1996 jwest@SunBelt.Net wrote:

> I am a little confused as to why the idea that Qumran was a monastary is
> provoking such strong feelings in the opposite direction.  Why is the idea
> that it was a monastary so provocative?  Is there, possibly, a modern
> feminist perspective being superimposed on the data? (I am just asking, so
> please don't be upset! :)  )
> Jim West

Well, from what little I know, I have often heard that it was the original
proponents of the monestary hypothesis who were guilty of retrojecting a
later perspective upon the data.  Many of the original DSS scholars were
themselves monks, and so some believe that they were the ones doing the

That's just one of many reasons to be skeptical of the older hypotheses.

andrew gross