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Re: Qumran Monastary

>Why is the idea
that it was a monastary so provocative?  Is there, possibly, a modern
feminist perspective being superimposed on the data?<

I don't think feminism has anything to do with it!  Two other considerations
are involved: (l) that it is out of character for any Jewish sect to promote
celibacy (it simply has never been part of the Jewish world-view in any of
its forms, to consider that way of life "higher" or "purer" than a life-style
geared to procreation; so if the DSS people were into that, they would be
pretty much unique in Jewish history in that regard.
(2) The other relevant point is that monasticism does not appear to have
become widespread, even in Christianity, before the 4th century.  Therefore,
if DSS people were into this, it would be a cultural anachronism.
 I'm not saying they weren't into it; just that it seems anomalous for the
two reasons I just gave, and that this may account for some people's resistance
to accepting the likelihood.  Feminism has ZIP to do with it, IMHO.

Judith Romney Wegner