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Re: question

To slander a scholar such as Keith Whitelam, who has made some very 
significant contributions to both the history of the South Levant and 
to the history of Israel over the last two decades as both 
unscholarly and anti-semitic I think requires more than purported 
"clout." It requires evidence. I think both Avigdor and Yirmiyahu owe 
Keith an apology for such a vicious ad hominem attack. If this 
discussion has anything to do with Orion or scholarship, perhaps this 
it might have value if this attempt at defamation of character become 
an actual argument against what Professor Whitelam has actually 
written in his book. 

  > "Palestinians" 
as a pre- israelite ethnic designation is an invention of 
> the person who wrote of "inventing ancient Israel" and should be 
> dismissed out of hand from scholarly jargon.  It is unscholarly and 
> probaly anti-ZIonist and anti-semitic in the classical sense of the term.
> Avigdor Hurowitz

> I didn't have the clout to say this myself, but I can sure second it!!!
> Kol ha-kavod.
> Yirmiyahu Ben-David, Pakiyd 16