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Re: Canaan vs Levant vs Palestine

Although I'm somewhat of a Zionist, myself, I don't think that calling the geographical 
area by any of its names (past or present) should be considered a slap in the face by 
any person on the list.  This is to be a list for discussion of the DSS, and I don't see 
how calling the place by any of its previous names has any bearing on the purpose of 
this list.
I'm not a professional archaeologist, but have studied and followed along on ANE 
and other groups for years with much interest, mostly in lurker mode.  This is one of 
the times when I feel that academics sometimes seems to be filled with a lot of 
people with chips on their shoulders.  In such a situation, no one can learn. Either 
one is too busy protecting their own chip, or the interested learners and contributors 
can't hear the ideas from all the shouting.
  I recall leaving Anthro-L a few years ago because the so-called professionals, at the 
time, didn't know how to act professional. One could say that the ad-hominems 
outnumbered the homosapiens.  I hope that doesn't happen here.
So, let's strive for accuracy when we can, but let's leave the political correctness at the 
academic door and allow some nonattribution of sorts.
Thanks, From one who might not be an expert in this field, but at least knows what 
the DSS are (and they aren't an argument on what the land of Israel is called).
Gerald Smith