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Re: question about Essenes calender.

I think in Yegal Yardin's book on the Cave 1 scrolls and the Rule of the
Community a/k/a the Manual of Discipline, he describes the solar calender of
the Essenes.  He said that the reason the solar calender was used was so that
the holidays would always fall on the same day of the week in the same month.
 He said the Priests in the Temple in Jerusalem,  who were opponents of the
Essenes used a Lunar calender, with holidays falling out on different days of
the week, each year.
He also said that the priests were appointed by Hasemoneons and consequently
were not true decendants of the Zadok line.  By using a different calender
from the Essenes the Priests would celebrate say Passover on a different day
from the Essenes a sure friction
creater.  I wonder if MMT was addressed to or from the Jerusalem Priests?
I wish I could get a copy of his book in English I cannot locate my copy.
Stephan H. Abramowitz