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Re: Walls not a fortress make

I seemed to have missed something.  Why are we talking about Romans
destroying scrolls?

>     I would say that your argument is amateurish and not mine. First,
>you misunderstood my point. Yes, the Romans were not nice guys. Yes, they
>probably would have destroyed the site. Understanding this, why would
>they take the time to hack a bunch of scrolls into mincemeat? On the
>point of being amateurish, I cited a fact, that the scrolls were
>destroyed, and you argued a possibly unrelated generality, that soldiers
>are not nice. My question was how do we know that the Romans destroyed
>the site? Yes, the timing makes the most sense. I was wondering why they
>destroyed the scrolls, not why they destroyed the site. Is there any
>evidence of the Romans destroying texts or not? Is this the only evidence
>of possible Roman "book burning" during the history of the empire? If it
>is, does that shed some doubt on the conclusion that the Romans destroyed
>the texts and the site?
>ps. If at all possible, try citing evidence instead of calling names.

Paul V. M. Flesher
Religious Studies
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY  82071-3353