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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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The Fifteenth International Orion Symposium, in conjunction with the University of Vienna, Institute for Jewish Studies, and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

will be held
April 10–14, 2016
Beit Maiersdorf and the Rabin Building
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus

On the topic

The Texts of the Bible from the Dead Sea Scrolls
to the Biblical Manuscripts of the Vienna Papyrus Collection

The discovery and publication of over 200 biblical manuscripts among the Dead Sea scrolls has fundamentally changed our understanding of the biblical text and its history. These copies reflect the earliest evidence currently available for the books of the Bible, and therefore provide invaluable evidence for the state of the biblical text in the Second Temple period. The comparison of these manuscripts to one another, and to later texts found in the Cairo Genizah and other repositories, allows for a comprehensive assessment of the dynamic processes of transmission and textual development of the Bible in antiquity and in the early medieval period. These and other issues will be addressed in this two-part symposium: the first part focusing on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Second Temple period and late antiquity; the second part on the Vienna papyrus collection and early medieval trajectories of the biblical text.

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