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    The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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    This index contains links to papers presented at Orion events,
    as well as some other lectures and reviews.

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  • Altman, Rochelle I. S. Report on the Zoilos Votive Inscription from Tel-Dan. (2000 paper)
  • Altman, Rochelle I. S. Some Aspects of Older Writing Systems: With Focus on the DSS. (1999 paper)
  • Anderson, Gary A. Israel's Burden or Israel's Debt(2002 Abstract)
  • Anderson, Gary A. The Status of the Torah in the Pre-Sinaitic Period: St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. (1996 paper)
  • Anderson, Gary A. Towards a Theology of the Tabernacle and its Furniture. (2004 paper)
  • Attridge, Harold. The Gospel of John and the Dead Sea Scrolls. (2004 paper)

  • Bar-Asher, Moshe. Remarks on Some Linguistic Features of Qumran Hebrew(2002 Abstract)
  • Baumgarten, Albert. The Perception of the Past in the Damascus Document. (1998 abstract)
  • Baumgarten, Joseph M. Tannaitic Halakha and Qumran: A Re-Evaluation(2003 paper)
  • Baumgarten, Joseph M. The Qumran Avoidance of the Death Penalty(2002 Abstract)
  • Baumgarten, Joseph M. Scripture and Law in 4Q265. (1996 paper)
  • Baumgarten, Joseph M. The Laws of the Damascus Document - Between Bible and Mishnah. (1998 paper)
  • Berlin, Adele. Qumran Laments and the Study of Lament Literature. (2000 paper)
  • Bernstein, Moshe. Exegesis and Story in the Early Columns of the Genesis Apocryphon(2002 Abstract)
  • Bernstein, Moshe. Pseudepigraphy at Qumran: Categories and Functions. (1997 paper)
  • Berrin, Shani. Pesher Nahum, Psalms of Solomon and Pompey(2002 paper)
  • Bockmuehl, Markus. Qumran Commentaries in Graeco-Roman Context. (2004 paper)
  • Bregman, Marc. The Aqedah at Qumran: Fire on the Mountain: a Comparison of 4Q225 Pseudo-Jubileesa and Pirqe de-Rabbi Eliezer, Chapter 31. (1998 lecture).
  • Bregman, Marc. Pseudepigraphy in Rabbinic Literature. (1997 paper)
  • Brooke, George J. Shared Intertextual Interpretations in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament. (1996 paper)
  • Brooke, George J. Between Authority and Canon: The Significance of Reworking the Bible for Understanding the Canonical Process(2002 paper)
  • Brooke, George J. Prophets and Prophecy in the Qumran Scrolls and the New Testament. (2004 paper) C
  • Chazon, Esther G. Human Prayer and Angelic Prayer in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (2000 paper)
  • Chiesa, Bruno. The Damascus Document and the Karaite Literature of the 10th Century. (1998 abstract)
  • Collins, John. J. The Eschatologizing of Wisdom in the Dead Sea Scrolls(2001 paper)
  • Collins, John. J. Pseudepigraphy and Group Formation in Second Temple Judaism. (1997 paper)
  • Cotton, Hannah. The Impact of the Documents from the Judaean Desert on the Study of Jewish History in the First and Second Century CE. (1999 abstract).

  • Davies, Philip R. The Judaism(s) of the Damascus Document. (1998 abstract and paper)
  • Dimant, Devorah. Between Sectarian and Non-Sectarian : the Case of the Apocryphon of Joshua(2002 Abstract)
  • Dimant, Devorah. Mussar La-mevin (4QInstruction) _a Sectarian Wisdom(2001 Abstract)
  • Dimant, Devorah. Time and Torah at Qumran. (1996 abstract)
  • Doering, Lutz. Parallels Without "Parallelomania" Methodological Reflections on Comparative Analysis of Halakha in the Dead Sea Scrolls(2003 paper)
  • Doudna, Gregory L., Dissertation abstract on 4QPesher Nahum

  • Elgvin, Torleif. Priestly Sages? The Milieus of Origin of 4QMysteries and 4QInstruction(2001 Abstract)
  • Elgvin, Torleif. 4Q474. A Rachel-Joseph Text. (1997 paper)
  • Elgvin, Torleif. 1Q/4QMysteries, 4QInstruction and the roots of the Rosh Hashanah liturgy. (2000 paper)
  • Eshel, Esther. Aspects of the Bethel Cult Traditions in Second Temple Literature(2002 Abstract)
  • Eshel, Esti. Fragments of Wisdom texts from Maresha(2001 Abstract)
  • Eshel, Hanan. CD 12 15-17 and Stone Vessels Found at Qumran. (1998 paper)
  • Eshel, Hanan. The Kittim in the War Scroll and in the Pesharim. (1999 paper)

  • Falk, Daniel K. Motivation for Communal Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Judaism. (2000 paper).
  • Fassberg, Steven E. On Dependent Clauses in Ben Sira. (1996 abstract).
  • Fassberg, Steven E. The Linguistic Study of the Damascus Document: A Historical Perspective. (1998 paper)
  • Fröhlich, Ida. "Narrative Exegesis" in the Dead Sea Scrolls. (1996 paper)
  • Fröhlich, Ida. History as Seen from Qumran. (1999 paper).
  • Fraade, Steven D. Looking for Legal Midrash at Qumran. (1996 paper)
  • Fraade, Steven D. Looking for Narrative Midrash at Qumran(2003 Abstract)
  • Frey, Jorg . John and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Recent Perspectives on Johannine Dualism and its Background(2004 paper)

  • Goodblatt, David. Judean Nationalism in the Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (1999 paper).
  • Goranson, Stephen. Rereading Pliny on the Essenes: Some Bibliographic Notes. (1998 paper)
  • Gorsky, Azriel. Analysis of Microscopic Material and the Stitching of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Preliminary Study. (1998 paper).
  • Granat, Yehoshua. Before the World was Made’: Early Piyyut and the Afterlife of Pseudepigrapha. (2007 Abstract).

  • Hacham, Noah. Exile and Self-Identity in the Qumran Sect and in Hellenistic Judaism. (2007 paper)
  • Hacham, Noah. Public Fasts in the Judean Desert Scrolls and Associated Literature. (1999 paper)
  • Halpern-Amaru, Betsy. The Naming of Levi in the Book of Jubilees. (1997 paper)
  • Halpern-Amaru, Betsy. Betsy Halpern-Amaru(2002 Abstract)
  • Hempel, Charlotte. The Laws of the Damascus Document and 4QMMT. (1998 paper)
  • Hirschfeld, Yizhar. Recent Discoveries in the Archaeology of Qumran. (1998 abstract)
  • Hirschfeld, Yizhar. Aerial Photos of Qumran: Recent Discoveries in the Archaeology of Qumran. (1998 abstract and photos)
  • Hirschfeld, Yizhar. Ein Gedi 1998 . (1998 essay). The author invites comments and reactions.

  • Ilan, Tal. Queen Shlomzion's Reign as Reflected in the Qumran Document. (1999 paper)

  • Jan Willem Van Henten. Moses as Heavenly Messenger in As. Mos and Qumran Documents(2001 Abstract)
  • Justnes, Aarstein. 4Q215a in Context(2001 Abstract)
  • Jonge, Marinus de. Levi in "Aramaic Levi" and in the Testament of Levi. (1997 paper)

  • Kister, Menachem. A Common Heritage: Biblical Interpretation at Qumran and Its Implications. (1996 paper)
  • Kister, Menachem. Physical and Metaphysical Measurements Ordained by God according to the Literature of Second Temple Period(2002 paper)
  • Kister, Menachem. Divorce, Reproof and Other Sayings in the Synoptic Gospels: Jesus Traditions in the Context of "Qumranic" and Other Texts" (2004 paper)
  • Kister, Menachem. Liturgical Scrolls and their Contribution to the Study of the Formulation of the Amidah Prayer" (2007 Abstract)
  • Knohl, Israel. Melchizedek: A Model of Union of Kingship and Priesthood in the Hebrew Bible, 11QMelchizedek and the Epistle to the Hebrews (2004 paper)
  • Kugel, James. Halakhic Elements in the Aramaic Levi Document(2002 Abstract)
  • Kugel, James. Some Examples of Ancient Biblical Interpretation. (1996 abstract).

  • Levine, David. A Temple Prayer for Fast Days. (2000 paper)
  • Lichtenberger, Hermann. Demonology in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament. (2004 paper)

  • Main, Emmanuelle. For King Jonathan or Against Him? The Use of the Bible in 4Q448. (1996 abstract)
  • Mandel, Paul. The Sources of Knowledge in Qumran and in Rabbinic Literature. A Study of the Evolution of a Metaphor. (1997 paper)
  • Maori, Yeshayahu. Leviticus 17 versus Deuteronomy 12: From Qumran Through to the Middle Ages(2002 Abstract)
  • Mason, Steve. What Josephus Says about the Essenes in his Judean War. (2000 paper)
  • Metso, Sarianna. The Relationship Between The Damascus Document and The Community Rule. (1998 abstract and paper)
  • Morgenstern, Matthew. The 'Song of Noah' in the Genesis Apocryphon. (1996 abstract)

  • Nickelsburg, George W. E. Patriarchs Who Worry About Their Wives: A Haggadic Tendency in the Genesis Apocryphon. (1996 paper)
  • Nickelsburg, George W. E. The Nature and Function of Revelation in 1 Enoch, Jubilees and Some Qumranic Documents. (1997 paper)
  • Nitzan, Bilhah. The Concept of the Covenant between God and Israel in the Qumran Writings: An Historical Perspective. (1999 abstract).
  • Nodet, Etienne. Passover at Gilgal: from Joshua to Qumran and Jesus. (2004 paper).

  • Paul Mandel. What is Midrash Torah? Teaching and Interpretation at Qumran in the Light of Rabbinic Usage(2003 Abstract)
  • Pfann, Stephen. Redaction History of the Rule of the Congregation. (1999 abstract)


  • Rajak, Tessa . A Contrasting Uses of the Greek bible: Hellenistic-Jewish Literature and the New Testament .. (2004 paper)
  • Rappaport, Uriel. A Note on the Use of the Bible in 1 Macc.. (1996 paper)
  • Regev, Eyal. Yose ben Yoezer and the Qumran Sectarians on Purity Laws: Agreement, Controversy and Encounter?. (1998 abstract)
  • Regev, Eyal. Reconstructing Qumranic and Rabbinic Halakhic Worldviews: Dynamic Holiness vs. Static Holiness(2003 paper)
  • Regev, Eyal. Temple and Righteousness in Qumran and Early Christianity: Tracing the Social Difference between the Two Movements(2004 paper)
  • Reif, Stefan C. The Damascus Document from the Cairo Genizah: Its History, Discovery and Importance. (1998 paper)
  • Reif, Stefan C. The Second Temple Period, Qumran Research and Rabbinic Liturgy: Some Contextual and Linguistic Comparisons (2000 paper)
  • Reinhartz, Adele. We, you, they; boundary language in 4qmmt and the new testament epistles (2004 paper)
  • Rofe, Alexander. Zedekiah from the Bible to Qumran(2002 Abstract)
  • Rofe, Alexander. Revealed Wisdom: From the Bible to Qumran(2001 paper)
  • Ruzer, Serge . Instances of Exegetical Closeness between the DDS and the New Testament, and Their Implications(2004 paper)

  • Sarason, Richard S. Communal Prayer at Qumran and among the Rabbis: Certainties and Uncertainties. (1999 paper)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. Lawrence Schiffman(2001 Abstract)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why?. (1995 abstract)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. The Case of the Day of Atonement Ritual. (1996 paper)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. The Temple Scroll and the Halakhic Pseudepigrapha of the Second Temple Period. (1997 paper)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. The Relationship of the Zadokite Fragments to the Temple Scroll. (1998 abstract)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. Descriptions of the Jerusalem Temple in Josephus and the Temple Scroll. (1999 paper)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. Laws of Forbidden Marriage in the Temple Scroll and Rabbinic Literature(2003 Abstract)
  • Schiffman, Lawrence H. Halakhic Elements in the Aramaic Levi Document (2002 Abstract)
  • Schmidt, Francis. Ancient Jewish Astrology: An Attempt to Interpret 4QCryptic (4Q186). (1996 paper)
  • Schremer, Adiel. Qumran-Essene Marital Prohibitions: CD IV:20-V:11 and Its Social Background. (1998 abstract)
  • Schremer, Adiel. [T]he[y] Did Not Read in the Book": Qumran and the Emergence of Torah Study in Ancient Judaism. (1999 abstract)
  • Schuller, Eileen M. The Terminology for Prayer in the Bible and DSS. (1996 abstract)
  • Schuller, Eileen M. The Use and Function of Psalms from Qumran: Revisiting the Question (2000 paper)
  • Schwartz, Daniel R. On Something Biblical about 2 Macc.. (1996 paper).
  • Schwartz, Daniel R. Antiochus Epiphanes in Jerusalem. (1999 paper)
  • Schwartz, Daniel R. Special People or Special Books: On Qumran and New Testament Notions of Canon. (2004 paper)
  • Segal, Michael. Michael Segal(2002 Abstract)
  • Shemesh, Aharon. Qumranic Laws of Shiduhim (4Q271-3):Biblical Origins and Rabbinic Parallels. (1998 abstract)
  • Shemesh, Aharon. Things of Specified Measure(2003 paper)
  • Sterling, Gregory Is There a Common Ethic in Second Temple Judaism(2001 Abstract)
  • Stoekl Daniel Ben Ezra On Books and Their Collectors: The Qumran ‘Library’ and Early Christian Book Collections(2004 Abstract)
  • Stone, Michael E. The Axis of History at Qumran. (1997 paper)
  • Stone, Michael E. Biblical Perspectives: Contents
  • Stone, Michael E. Pseudepigraphical Perspectives: Contents
  • Stone, Michael E. Damascus Document: Contents
  • Stone, Michael E. Historical Perspectives: Contents
  • Stone, Michael E. Review: Florentino Garcia Martinez, Qumran and Apocalyptic: Studies on the Aramaic Texts from Qumran
  • Stone, Michael E. Review: Devora Dimant and Uriel Rappaport The Dead Sea Scrolls: Forty Years of Research
  • Science and the Scrolls Taskforce, Abstracts of Papers, Prague Conference

  • Tabory, Joseph. A Second Temple Non-Temple Liturgy. (2000 paper)
  • Talmon, Shemaryahu. Between the Bible and the Mishnah: "Those Who enter the New Covenant" from the Period of the Second Temple. (1996 abstract)
  • Taylor, Justin. The Community of Goods among the First Christians and among the Essenes. (1999 paper)
  • Tov, Emanuel. The Rewritten Book of Joshua as Found at Qumran and Masada. (1996 paper)
  • Tov, Emanuel. "The Many Faces of Scripture: Reflections on the LXX and 4QReworked Pentateuch". (2006 Abstract)

  • VanderKam, James C. The Angel Story in the Book of Jubilees. (1997 paper)
  • Vered Noam Traces of Sectarian Halakha in the Rabbinic World(2003 paper)


  • Weiss-Halivni, David The Mishnah Understood in Light of the Scrolls: The Example of the Fetus(2003 Abstract)
  • Werman, Cana. Law, Authority and Writing(2003 paper)
  • Werman, Cana. Qumran and The Book of Noah. (1997 paper)
  • Werman, Cana. A Messiah in Heaven? A Re-evaluation of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Traditions. (2004 paper)
  • Wright, Benjamin G. Qumran Pseudepigrapha in Early Christianity: Is 1 Clem. 50:4 a Citation of 4QPseudo-Ezekiel (4Q385)?. (1997 paper)
  • Wright, Benjamin G. The Categories of Rich and Poor in the Qumran Sapiential Literature(2001 paper)

    Contact Information
    The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
    Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies,
    Rabin World Center of Jewish Studies, Room 3102,
    The Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus 91905, ISRAEL.