Text, Thought, and Practice in Qumran and Early Christianity
January 11-13, 2004

The Ninth Orion Symposium, co-sponsored with the Hebrew University's Center for the Study of Christianity focused on patterns of relations between the Qumran community, the Jesus movement, and the early Church. This January, sixteen scholars of Dead Sea Scrolls and/or early Christianity presented papers looking at correspondences and divergences between Qumranic and early Christian texts, in matters of biblical interpretation, religious belief, and patterns of behavior. The ensuing discussions led to a re-evaluation of some long-standings assumptions about how we should understand the possibility of connections between the Qumran community and the earliest Christians.


Haim D. Rabinowitch, Rector, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Guy G. Stroumsa, Director, Center for the Study of Christianity
Esther G. Chazon, Director, Orion Center
Michael Stone, Hebrew University, Chairperson

During the opening session, a Festschrift was presented to Prof. Michael Stone, of the Hebrew University: Things Revealed: Studies in Early Jewish and Christian Literature in Honor of Michael E. Stone.

The names listed in bold have complete papers posted.
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