Yeshayahu Maori
Leviticus 17 versus Deuteronomy 12: From Qumran
Through to the Middle Ages

The relationship between Leviticus 17 and Deuteronomy 12 has been discussed in detail in biblical scholarship, particularly in regards to the dating of the pentateuchal sources and the relationship between them. Recently, with the publication of the Temple Scroll (11QT) and "Miqtsat Ma`asei haTorah" (4QMMT), the discussion has been re-opened, particularly as regards the way in which the prohibitions in Leviticus 17:1-7 and the laws of Deuteronomy 12:15,20-22 were understood and analyzed by the Qumran community in contrast to how they were read in rabbinic literature. Sufficient attention, however, has not been paid, to date, to the rabbinic material and medieval Jewish interpretation. This paper will be an attempt to rectify that omission.