Betsy Halpern-Amaru
Burying the Fathers: Exegetical Strategies and Source Traditions
in Jubilees 46

In its interpretive reworking of the closing chapters of Genesis and the first chapter of Exodus, Jubilees 46 employs a set of exegetical strategies that deconstruct the biblical transition and offer an alternative narrative bridge between the close of the patriarchal era and the beginning of Israelite history. Taking exegetical advantage of gaps and awkward constructions within the biblical narrative, the author executes the deconstruction by rearranging key elements of Ex 1:1-8 to develop a periodization that alters biblical chronology and replaces the Genesis family story with a national one. The narrative foil for presentation of the new transition narrative is the addition of two burial narratives both of which suggest the influence of a tradition that also appears in the Qumran fragments 4Q543-4Q547 (4QVisions of Amram ar).