Prof. Aarstein Justnes: Lutheran Theological Seminary, Oslo
4Q215a in Context

4Q215a was published last year in the DJD series by Chazon and Stone and has not yet achieved much attention, although interesting contributions have been presented by Nebe and Philonenko as well as the official editors. A main challenge for the interpreter of 4Q215a is how to construct a historical context for the text. In my paper I will focus on the context of interpretation for the main fragments of 4Q215a, and particularly review the text from a comparative perspective. The comparative material will mainly be limited to four texts: the Apocalypse of Weeks, 4QInstruction, 4QMysteries, and 1QS. At the end I will present a partly new interpretation of frag 1 II:8d-9, which may be an important key to understanding the text.