Dr. Esther Eshel: Bar Ilan University
Fragments of Wisdom texts from Maresha

At the excavations directed by Professor Amos Kloner at Maresha on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority more than 70 inscriptions and ostraca were found, written in Semitic scripts. On the basis of paleographic considerations, it is possible to date most of these shreds to the Persian and Hellenistic periods (the 4th-2nd centuries BCE). The final report of these inscriptions is being prepared by the author and Professor Emile Peuch. In this corpus of inscriptions there are fragments of five bowls with scribal exercises written on them. Some of them bare inscriptions written on both the interior and exterior. One bowl includes six different inscriptions: four written on the exterior part, and two on the interior. In this lecture I will discuss two inscriptions found on the bowls, which seem to be parts of the wisdom texts.