Prof. Hartmut Stegemann
University of Göttingen, Germany

The Number of Psalms in 1QHodayota and Some of their Sections

Since the E.L. Sukenik edition of 1QHodayot (1954), there has been some discussion on the incipits of new hymns in this scroll and on the question of where these might be only sections within longer hymns. The physical reconstructions of the entire scroll by Hartmut Stegemann (1963, unpublished) and by Emile Puech (Journal of Jewish Studies 39, 1988, p. 38-55) considerably enlarged the data-base (25 of 28 original columns are now established in their original sequence). The edition of 4QHodayota-f (4Q427-432) by Eileen Schuller (DJD XXIX, 1999, p. 69-232) clarifies some earlier problems and provides further basic direction.
The paper will discuss the evidence in its entirety. One of its results is that incipits of new hymns with àåãëä àã_é ëé are ascertainable only within columns X-XVII (= 2-9 Sukenik), while all other hymns and/or their sections start with áøåê àúä or other formulations. The participants of this lecture will receive hand-outs (a) with the full evidence of incipits and clear sections in the Hodayot, (b) a list of the new numbers of columns and lines according to the physical reconstruction, and (c) an evaluation of the block of text in each column of 1QHodayota.