The Fourteenth International Orion Symposium:
The Religious Worldviews Reflected in the Dead Sea Scrolls
28-30 May 2013

The Religious Worldviews Reflected in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Symposium at the Orion Center, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
28-30 May 2013 The Dead Sea Scrolls offer a window onto the rich religious landscape of Judaism in the Second Temple period. Many of the scrolls address fundamental theological issues. This symposium will address aspects of the religious thought reflected in the texts of the Judean Desert in their wider religious context. Comparison with other ancient writings affords the opportunity to refine our understanding. Papers will carefully analyze specific texts and deal with broader themes and topics that shed new light on the worldviews, beliefs, and forms of religious experience reflected in the Scrolls. The symposium will give a rare opportunity for leading scholars in the field to collaborate in the examination of this central area.



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