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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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The Thirteenth International Orion Symposium: Tradition, Transmission, and Transformation: From Second Temple Literature through Judaism and Christianity in Late Antiquity, 22–24 February 2011

The Thirteenth Orion Symposium addressed some connections between rabbinic Judaism, Christianity, and Second Temple writings from the vantage point of particular textual examples that demonstrate different trajectories of development from the earlier texts through later tradition. Along the way, presenters questioned some of the paradigms through which “transmission” is commonly understood, and sought new ways to articulate the process of later reception of ancient traditions.

Papers that appear on this page are unedited, unrevised prepublication versions. They are not to be quoted without permission of the authors. The articles will appear in edited, revised versions as part of our published proceedings. Greek and Hebrew texts have not been reformatted. Orion Symposium proceedings are published by Brill Academic Publishers in the series, Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah. To see the list of published Symposium volumes and their contents, click here ..

Reuven Amitai, Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Menahem Kister, Director, Orion Center
Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony, Director, Center for the Study of Christianity
Menahem Kister,
Lorenzo DiTommaso
William Adler
Chaim Milikowsky
Yair Furstenberg
Vigdor Shinan and Yair Zakovitch
Armin Lange
Serge Ruzer
Gary Anderson
Yaakov Kaduri
Annette Yoshiko Reed
Pieter van der Horst
Hillel Newman
John C. Reeves
Michael Stone
Alexander Kulik
Sergey Minov
Yehoshua Granat
Philip Alexander

The names listed in bold have complete papers posted.
Papers that appear on this page are unedited, unrevised prepublication versions. They are not to be cited. Copyright belongs to the authors. They will appear eventually in edited, revised versions as part of our proceedings series. Greek and Hebrew texts have not been formatted.


The contents of this site, including the Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography, are copyright (C) by the Orion Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. All rights reserved.