NACAL 38 — University of Texas at Austin
Saturday, February 13
I. Phonology 1
8:30 Lutz Edzard: Guttural Phonology and the Hebrew Forms primae and mediae gutturalis
9:00 Kimary Shahin: Guttural Laryngeals in Semitic
9:30 Olga Stolbova: New Steps in Chadic Phonological and Lexical Reconstruction
10:00 break

II. Morphology 1
10:30 Rebecca Hasselbach: The Function of Case Markers in Semitic
11:00 Alexander Magidow: -V?n Morphemes in Semitic Languages
11:30 Jo Ann Hackett: yaqtul and a Ugaritic Ritual Text
12:00 lunch

III. Syntax
1:00 Tamar Zewi: Prepositional Phrases as Subjects in Several Semitic Languages
1:30 Na’ama Pat-El: The Syntax of ???er Yet Again
2:00 Aaron M. Butts: The Copulaic Use of ?it in Syriac: Contact-Induced Change and/or Internal Change?

2:30 break
IV. Morphosyntax
3:00 Gene Gragg: Morphosyntax, Morphosemantics, & Homology: How to Query a Morphological Database
3:30 Ahmad Alqassas: Morphosyntactic Analysis of Definiteness in Arabic and Hebrew Synthetic Genitives

4:00 break
V. Keynote address
4:15 Zygmunt Frajzyngier

Sunday, February 14
VI. Dialectology
8:30 Hila Zemer: On 3mp Perfects in the Arabic Dialects
9:00 Aaron Rubin: Some Characteristics of Mehri Dialects

9:30 break
VII. Lexicon
9:45 David Calabro: Names of Body Parts in Ancient Egyptian: Indicators of Which Culture?
10:15 Gregory A. Ward: A Diachronic Perspective on dr? and mdr? at Qumran

10:45 break
VIII. Phonology 2
11:00 Michal Temkin Mart?nez: An Experimental Investigation of Variation in Modern Hebrew
11:30 John Huehnergard: Writing Carefully: Letters from the King of Babylon to the King of Egypt

12:00 lunch
IX. Morphology 2
1:00 Mohamed Lahrouchi: Headedness and Template Structure
1:30 Edward Cook: The Internal Causative Passive in Qumran Aramaic
2:00 Tara Gibbs: Somali: A Polysynthetic Language or a pro-Drop Language?

2:30 break
X. Phonology 3
2:45 Pete Unseth: Relative Consonant Frequencies in Ethiopian Semitic Languages: An Initial Comparison
3:15 Ahmad Al-Jallad: Final Vowels in Ge‘ez: A Reassessment

4:00 Business meeting