Call For Papers 2016

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The John William Wevers Prize in Septuagint Studies

Call for Papers Deadline: August 15.
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2nd International Conference on Art & Archaeology 2016

Call for Papers Deadline: 30 August 2016
Conference Date: December 11-14, 2016
Location: Jerusalem, Israel


Kings and Power: Exploring Jewish Texts in their Hellenistic Context A CSTT Workshop

Call for Papers Deadline: November 20, 2016
Conference Date: December 3-4, 2016
Location: Helsinki
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The Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence “Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions” aims at a more comprehensive understanding of the emergence and influence of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and other ancient Jewish literature within the multicultural milieu of the ancient eastern Mediterranean region. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to cultural, societal, ideological, and material changes in the period when the sacred writings of Judaism were created, transmitted, and continuously transformed. The researchers of the CSTT examine ancient Jewish texts from the point of view of archaeology, sociology, and history of religion, to mention but some of the most influential methodological frameworks.

Kings and Power: Exploring Jewish Texts in their Hellenistic Contexts is a two day workshop. The meeting days are December 3-4, 2016. The aim of this workshop is to provide the scholars of different levels (doctoral students, postdocs and senior researchers) with a forum where to interact beyond disciplinary boundaries. With this purpose in mind, we invite junior and senior researchers to submit a proposal for our meeting.