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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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Call For Papers

The Calls For Papers are ordered by Call for Papers Deadline
September | May | March |

September 2014

The Joukowsky Institute Competition for Accessible Archaeological Writing

Call for Papers Deadline: September 1, 2014
E-mail Submission:

May 2014

Textual Trails: Transmissions of Oral and Written Texts

Call for Papers Deadline: 14 May 2014
Conference Date: 30 October - 1 November 2014
Location: Helsinki
E-mail Submission:

The Gruyter Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History 2014 Award

Call for Papers Deadline: May 2014
Institution: Society for Biblical Literature

March 2014

Evil in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity 23rd

Call for Papers Deadline: Tuesday 1st April
Conference Date: 24th May 2014
Location: St Mary's University - London
E-mail Submission:

Call for submissions for the Walter de Gruyter Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History 2014 Award
SBL 2014 Annual Meeting- Call for Papers

Call for Papers Deadline: until 5 March 2014
2014 Program Units List:

In partnership with the Society for Biblical Literature, De Gruyter has established the "Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History" to support biblical scholars at the early stages of their careers. De Gruyter will support this award with an annual cash prize of $1,500 for the best recent (last two calendar years) unpublished dissertation or first monograph in biblical studies, with special attention to submissions in the field of reception history. Winning manuscripts will be published in appropriate De Gruyter book series or, if no appropriate series exists, as stand-alone titles.

'Greek Philosophy and the Wisdom of the East: Perception and Reality' of Melammu Symposia 8

Call for Papers Deadline: 1 March 2014
Conference Date: 11-15 November 2014
Location: University of Kiel
E-mail Submission:

The Melammu Project investigates the continuity, transformation and diffusion of Mesopotamian and Ancient Near Eastern culture from the third millennium BCE through the ancient world until Islamic times. It organizes regular symposia on aspects related to this general subject, the next of which, Melammu Symposia 8, will take place in Kiel in October 2014. For more information, see

We herewith invite proposals for papers and posters by PhD students and Postdocs for the Young Researchers Session of Melammu Symposia 8. The session is entitled 'Greek Philosophy and the Wisdom of the East: Perception and Reality' and will be organized by Sebastian Fink and Erik van Dongen. (Note that this call concerns only this one session, NOT the conference as a whole.) As we had many great contributions by young researchers in the paper and poster sessions of last November's Melammu Symposia 7 (, we decided to have one session in Kiel (and also in Helsinki in 2015), separate from the main conference theme, that is for young researchers only. Preceded by an introduction and closed off by a response, the session will feature five twenty-minutes papers, and will be accompanied by five posters on related topics in one of the meeting's poster sessions. Two of these poster presenters will be asked to prepare a backup-paper in case someone from the section is not able to come. These two people as well as the others presenting a paper will also be invited to contribute to the conference proceedings. Please note that the conference language is English only.

In accordance with the scope of the Melammu Project, we invite researchers from all possibly relevant disciplines (not just Assyriologists!), including philosophy, history, Assyriology, Egyptology, Classics, Old Testament studies, Islam studies, etc. For inspiration, here is a list with examples of possible topics:

No Philosophy in Mesopotamia? Mesopotamian, Indian and Persian Philosophers in Greek texts Plato and the Orient The Divine in Greek and Eastern Texts Ideas of Causation in Mesopotamia Arguing in Greece and Mesopotamia

Please send abstracts of max. 300 words to at by 1 March 2014. Results will be announced by 1 April. Although the conference organizers are looking into possibilities to help out with accommodation and travel costs, at this stage it is probably best to assume that participants will have to find funding for most of the costs by themselves.

The contents of this site, including the Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography, are copyright (C) by the Orion Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. All rights reserved.