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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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The Journal HENOCH begins a new series with the forthcoming 2005 issue. Editorial and contact information:

Board of Directors: Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan, USA); Yaron Eliav (University of Michigan, USA); Claudio Gianotto (University of Turin, Itlay); Paolo Sacchi (emeritus, University of Turin, Italy).

Secretary: Corrado Martone (University of Turin, Italy).

Editor-in-chief: Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan, USA).

Secretaries: Pierpaolo Bertalotto (University of Bari, Italy); J. Harold Ellens and Ronald Ruark (University of Michigan, USA).

American Editorial Board: Matthias Henze, Associate Editor (Rice University, USA); Kelley Coblentz Bautch, News Editor (St. Edwards University, USA); Yaron Eliav, Book Review Editor (University of Michigan, USA); Charles Gieschen (Concordia University, USA); Philip Munoa (Hope College, USA).

Secretary: James Waddell (University of Michigan, USA).

European Editorial Board: Claudio Gianotto, Associate Editor (University of Turin, Italy); Piero Capelli (University of Venice, Italy); Giancarlo Lacerenza (Naples Oriental Institute, Italy); Corrado Martone, Book Review Editor (University of Turin, Italy).

Secretary: Giovanni Ibba (Central Italy Theological Seminary, Italy).

Advisory Board: John Barclay (University of Durham, UK); Andreas Bedenbender (Humboldt University, Germany); Daniel Boyarin (University of California at Berkeley, USA); Alberto Camplani (University of Rome, Italy); James H. Charlesworth (Princeton Theological Seminary, USA); Sabino Chial? (Comunit? di Bose, Italy); John J. Collins (Yale University, USA); Hanan Eshel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel); Esther Eshel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel); Lester L. Grabbe (University of Hull, UK); Martha Himmelfarb (Princeton University, USA); Giorgio Jossa (University of Naples, Italy); Richard Kalmin (Jewish Theological Seminary, USA); Adam Kamesar (Hebrew Union College, USA); Klaus Koch (University of Hamburgh, Germany); Helge Kvanvig (University of Oslo, Norway); Armin Lange (University of Vienna, Austria); Enrico Norelli (University of Geneva, Switzerland); Doron Mendels (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel); Aharon Oppenheimer (Tel-Aviv University, Israel); Andrei Orlov (Marquette University, USA); Romano Penna (Pontifical Lateran University, Vatican); Pierluigi Piovanelli (University of Ottawa, Canada); Annette Yoshiko Reed (McMaster University, Canada); Liliana Rosso Ubigli (University of Turin, Italy); Lawrence Schiffman (New York University, USA); G?nter Stemberger (University of Vienna, Austria); Loren Stuckenbruck (University of Durham, UK); David W. Suter (Saint Martinís College, USA); Giuliano Tamani (University of Venice, Italy); Lucio Troiani (University of Pavia, Italy); James C. VanderKam (University of Notre Dame, USA); Adela Yarbro-Collins (Yale University, USA).

Articles (in English, German, French, or Italian) shall be submitted to the secretaries of either the American or the European Editorial Board:
James Waddell -, and Giovanni Ibba


The contents of this site, including the Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography, are copyright (C) by the Orion Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. All rights reserved.