Shalom M. Paul, Michael E. Stone, and Avital Pinnick, eds. Al Kanfei Yonah: Collected Studies of Jonas C. Greenfield on Semitic Philology. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 2001.

Preface ix
1. Studies in Ancient and Imperial Aramaic
"Le bain des brebis": Another Example and a Query 1
Studies in Aramaic Lexicography I 6
Stylistic Aspects of the Sefi4re Treaty Inscriptions 22
The Aramaic Papyri from Hermopolis (with Bezalel Porten) 40
The "Periphrastic Imperative" in Aramaic and Hebrew 56
The Zakir Inscription and the Danklied 75
The Background and Parallel to a Proverb of Ahiqar 93
Un rite religieux arame&en et ses paralle*les 104
Standard Literary Aramaic 111
Hermopolis Letter 6 (with Bezalel Porten) 121
Iranian or Semitic? 138
The Aramaic God Ramma4n/Rimmo4n 144
On Some Iranian Terms in the Elephantine Papyri: Aspects of Continuity 148
Some Reflections on the Vocabulary of Aramaic in Relationship to the Other Semitic Languages 154
The Dialects of Early Aramaic 160
Early Aramaic Poetry 167
Aramaic Studies and the Bible 174
Ah9iqar in the Book of Tobit 195
Babylonian-Aramaic Relationships 203
Aramaic HNS9L and Some Biblical Passages 214
Notes on the Akkadian-Aramaic Bilingual Statue from Tell Fekherye (with Aaron Shaffer) 217
QLQLT), Tubkinnu, Refuse Tips and Treasure Trove (with Aaron Shaffer) 225
Hebrew and Aramaic in the Persian Period (with Joseph Naveh) 232
ana urdu4ti kaba4su = db(l #bk 247
Notes on the Early Aramaic Lexicon 251
The Meaning of t9kwnh 258
Notes on the Curse Formulae of the Tell Fekherye Inscription (with Aaron Shaffer) 263
Aspects of Archives in the Achaemenid Period 276
Aspects of Aramaic Religion 283
To Praise the Might of Hadad 295
The Aramaic Legal Texts of the Achaemenian Period 305
Two Proverbs of Ah9iqar 313
Asylum at Aleppo: A note on Sfi4re III, 4-7 320
Some Glosses on the Sefi9re Inscriptions 327
The Wisdom of Ah9iqar 334
2. Studies in Post-Imperial Aramaic
Three Iranian Words in the Targum of Job from Qumran (with Shaul Shaked) 344
Notes on Some Aramaic and Mandaic Magic Bowls 353
Aramaic and Its Dialects 361
The Languages of Palestine, 200 B.C.E.-200 C.E. 376
The Mandaic "Targum" to Psalm 114 388
A Mandaic Miscellany 397
An Ancient Treaty Ritual and Its Targumic Echo 405
The Verb Sallat9a in the Qur)a4n in the Light of Aramaic Usage 412
Nergol DH9S]PT9) 418
On Mandaic Poetic Technique 427
Astrological and Related Omen Texts in Jewish Palestinian Aramaic (with Michael Sokoloff) 435
An Aramaic Inscription from Tyre from the Reign of Diocletian Preserved in the Palestinian Talmud 449
Kullu nafsin bima4 kasabat rahi4na4: The Use of rhn in Aramaic and Arabic 453
The "Defension Clause" in Some Documents from Nah9 al Hever S9e)elim 460
The Verbs for Washing in Aramaic 465
The Contribution of Qumran Aramaic to the Aramaic Vocabulary (with Michael Sokoloff) 472
The Use of the Targum in a Mandaic Incantation Text 493
Some Aramaic Loanwords in the Aramaic and Nabatean Texts from N9ahal H9ever 497
The Babylonian Forerunner of a Mandaic Formula 509
Babatha's Ketubba (with Yigael Yadin and Ada Yardeni) 513
Babatha's Property and the Law of Succession in the Babatha Archive (with Hannah Cotton) 540
An Astrological Text from Qumran (4Q318) and Reflections on Some Zodiacal Names (with Michael Sokoloff) 554
3. Jewish Literature of the Second Temple Period
The Small Caves of Qumran 573
The Enochic Pentateuch and the Date of the Similitudes (with Michael Stone) 595
The Genesis Apocryphon: Observations on Some Words and Phrases 610
The Books of Enoch and the Traditions of Enoch (with Michael E. Stone) 618
Ben Sira 42.9-10 and Its Talmudic Paraphrase 633
Two Notes on the Apocryphal Psalms 640
The Genesis Apocryphon Col. XII (with Elisha Qimron) 646
4. Biblical and Epigraphic Lexicography and Style
Lexicographical Notes I 653
Lexicographical Notes II 679
The Root "GBL" in Mishnaic Hebrew and in the Hymnic Literature from Qumran 690
The Prepositions Jes 57 5 698
The Etymology of txtm) 701
Scripture and Inscription: The Literary and Rhetorical Element in Some Early Phoenician Inscriptions 704
nas]u,-nada4nu and Its Congeners 720
The Meaning of dxp 725
The Root s]ql in Akkadian, Ugaritic and Aramaic 731
A Hapex Legomenon lwrx q#mm 734
A Bronze phiale4 with a Phoenician Dedicatory Inscription (with Nahman Avigad) 738
A Touch of Eden 750
Notes on the Phoenician Letter from Saqqara 756
A Group of Phoenician City Seals 759
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Prov 9:1) - A Mistranslation 766
Larnax te4s Lapethou III Revisited 774
Smitten by Famine, Battered by Plague (Deuteronomy 32:24) 785
The "Cluster" in Biblical Poetry 789
Some Phoenician Words 799
Philological Observations on the Deir (Alla Inscriptions 803
Doves' Dung and the Price of Food: The Topoi of II Kings 6:24-7:2 815
Etymological Semantics 821
a)tta4 po4rarta be](ozka4 yam (Psalm 74:13a) 833
Three Related Roots: KMS, KNS, and KNS] 840
5. Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Ugaritic mdl and Its Cognates 847
Ugaritic Lexicographical Notes 855
Some Glosses on the Keret Epic 846
Amurrite, Ugaritic, and Canaanite 875
Ugaritic Glosses (with Joshua Blau) 885
Ba(al's Thrown and Isa. 6:11 892
The Epithets RBT/T{RRT in the KRT Epic 898
Some Aspects of Treaty Terminology in the Bible 901
The Marzeah9 as a Social Institution 907
Adi balt9u: Care for the Eldery and Its Rewards 912
Some Neo-Babylonian Women 920
Of Scribes, Scripts, and Languages 926
"Because He/She Did Not Know Letters": Remarks on a First Millennium C.E. Legal Expression 939
List of Sources 945
Abbreviations 952
Index of Ancient Near Eastern Sources 955
Index of Jewish, Christian and Classical Sources 969
Index of Lexemes 987
Supplement to the Bibliography of Jonas C. Greenfield 1005