The Hebrew University has unusually rich facilities, distinguished faculty and varied programs in the fields of Judaism of the Second Temple Period, Christian Origins, and Religion in Late Antiquity. In addition to its regular academic programs, it houses major research projects: The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls conducts a broad spectrum of research and lectures in the field; the official publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls is directed by Chief Editor and Hebrew University Professor E. Tov; the Hebrew Bible Project engages scholars working on the textual transmission of the Hebrew Bible.

Students wishing to pursue study in the fields of Judaism in the Second Temple Period and Early Christianity in its Jewish Matrix may apply to the following graduate programs:

Faculty of Humanities
Master's Program in Jewish Literature of the Second Temple Period

This program in the Institute of Jewish Studies leads to a research Master's degree. Students study the Jewish literature of the age, including Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha and Jewish Hellenistic Literature. Texts are read in the original languages and their implications for literary and religious history are particularly stressed, courses are mainly taught in Hebrew.

Faculty of Humanities
Master's Program in Religion in Late Antiquity

This program, in the Department of Comparative Religion leads to a research Master's degree. Students study anthropology, sociology, phenomenology, psychology and philosophy of religion as well as specializing in the religion of a particular culture such as the Ancient Near East or Early Christianity. Comparative research and methodology are emphasized.

Two years of course work and a thesis are required for both the above courses. Most classes are conducted in Modern Hebrew, but some are in English. Courses in English offered in the Rothberg International School may also be taken, subject to Departmental requirements.

Rothberg International School: Graduate Studies Program

  • M.A. in Religious Studies

    This program is designed for students who wish to study religion from a wide array of historical and cultural aspects. Early Christianity and its Jewish Matrix is one of the fields of study in this program. Students with adequate knowledge of Hebrew can take courses from the regular program as well as courses in English at the Rothberg School. This degree does not qualify its graduates to go on directly to doctoral work at the Hebrew University.

  • A Graduate Year Program for M.A. or Ph.D. students from abroad

    This program is designed for those who wish spend a year at the Hebrew University. Classes may be elected from the rich curricula of the Rothberg School and the Faculty of Humanities. Individual tutorials are available. This program does not offere a degree, but courses may be applied towards degree requirements in other University programs.

  • Modern Hebrew

    The University offers and intensive Summer Course (Ulpan) in Modern Hebrew and intensive Hebrew courses for overseas students during the academic year.

    Faculty teaching in these programs:

    Chazon, Esther, Senior Lecturer: Dead Sea Scrolls; Literature of the Second Temple Period, Development of Jewish Liturgy.
    Steve Fassberg, Associate Professor: Hebrew Language; History of the Hebrew Language
    Isaiah Gafni, Professor: Jewish History of the Second Temple and Rabbinic Periods.
    Moshe Greenberg, Professor Emeritus: Bible; Biblical Interpretation; Biblical Psalms and Prayer.
    Wayne Horowitz, Associate Professor: Study of Ancient Mesopotamia; Mesopotamian cosmic geographics.
    Avi Hurvitz,Professor: Development of the Hebrew Language; Dead Sea Scrolls;Canaanite, Hebrew and Aramaic Epigraphy.
    Sara Japhet, Professor: Bible; Biblical Historiography; Biblical Interpretation
    Menahem Kister, Associate Professor: Dead Sea Scrolls; Apocrypha; Midrash; Talmud.
    Simha Kogut, Professor: Bible; Biblical Hebrew and Arameic; Targum and Exegesis.
    Maren Niehoff, Lecturer: Jewish Thought; Midrashim and Targumim, Philo and Josephus.
    Shmuel Safrai, Professor Emeritus: Jewish History in the Second Temple and Rabbinical Periods; Development of Synagogue.
    David Satran, Lecturer: Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity.
    Daniel Schwartz, Professor: History and Historiography of the Second Temple and Rabbinic Periods; Dead Sea Scrolls.
    Avigdor Shinan, Professor: Biblical Interpretation; Midrash; Targum.
    Michael E. Stone, Professor: Jewish Literature and Thought of the Second Temple Period; Dead Sea Scrolls; Armenian Studies.
    Yaakov Sussman, Professor Emeritus: Talmud; Halacha and its Development.
    Gedaliahu Stroumsa,Professor: Religious trends in Late Antiquity; Patristics; Manichaeism.
    Shemaryahu Talmon,Professor Emeritus,:Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls.
    Emanuel Tov, Professor: Bible; Septuagint; Dead Sea Scrolls.
    Moshe Weinfeld,Professor Emeritus: Bible and the Ancient Near East; Dead Sea Scrolls.
    Yair Zakovtich, Professor: Biblical Narrative; Inner-Biblical Interpretation; Exegesis.

    Information and Applications

    Overseas applicants to all programs must apply through the offices of the Hebrew University or of the Friends of the Hebrew University in New York, Melbourne, Toronto, London, or Paris. For information concerning the above programs, including requirements, financial aid, dormitories, health insurance, and obtaining applications, please contact the addresses below. Prospective candidates in Israel or in countries not listed below should contact directly the Rothberg School in Jerusalem.


    Rothberg International School
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    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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    Australian Friends of the Hebrew University
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    Canadian Friends of Hebrew University
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