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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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Esther Chazon (Lecturer)
Dead Sea Scrolls, Literature of the Second Temple Period, Development of Jewish Liturgy. Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusualem (1996-1997). Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1992.

Publications: Chazon, E. G. (1)"A Liturgical Document from Qumran and Its Implications: "Words of the Luminaries" (4QDibHam) (in Hebrew)." Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1991; (2) "Is Divrei ha-me'orot a Sectarian Prayer?" In The Dead Sea Scrolls. Forty Years of Research., 3-17. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1992;

(3) "New Liturgical Manuscripts from Qumran." In Eleventh World Congress of Jewish Studies. Conference in Jerusalem, 207-214. Proceedings edited by D. Assaf. Magnes Press, 1993;

(4) "Prayers from Qumran and Their Historical Implications." Dead Sea Discoveries 1.3 (1994) 266-284; (5) "Review of B. Nitzan, Qumran Prayer and Religious Poetry." Dead Sea Discoveries 2.3 (1995) 361-365.

(6) "The Creation and Fall of Adam in the Dead Sea Scrolls." In The Book of Genesis in Jewish and Oriental Christian Interpretation, eds. J Frishman and L. van Rompay. 13-24. Leuven: Peeters, 1997.

(7) "Hymns and Prayers in the Dead Sea Scrolls." In The Dead Sea Scrolls after Fifty Years. A Comprehensive Assessment, eds. P. W. Flint and J. C. VanderKam. 244-270. 1. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1998.

(8) "A Case of Mistaken Identity: Testament of Naphtali (4Q215) and Time of Righteousness (4Q215a)," in The Provo International Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls: New Texts, Reformulated Issues, and Technological Innovations, eds. D. Parry and E. Ulrich. Leiden: Brill (in press).

(9) with Michael E. Stone, "4QTime of Righteousness (4Q215a, olim 4QTNaphtali): A Preliminary Publication of Fragment 1 ii," ibid.

David Flusser (Gail Levin de Nur Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion)
General Research Interests: Judaism of the Second Temple Period; the New Testament and its Jewish background; The Dead Sea Scrolls; Early Church
Biography: Born in Vienna, 1917, Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1955, Lecturer at the H.U. in 1956. Associate Professor 1965, Professor in 1970. Other Appointments: Visiting Prof. University of Lucerne, Member Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities; Recipient Israel Prize in 1980. Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa, University of Lucerne, 1989
Publications: Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Isaiah Gafni (Professor)
Jewish History of the Second Temple and Rabbinic Periods.
Selected Publications:
(1) "The Babylonian Yeshiva as Reflected in Bava Qamma 117a." 49 (3-4 1980): 292-301;

(2) "On the Use of 1 Maccabees by Josephus Flavius." Zion 45 (1980): 81-95;

(3) "The Historical Background," Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period. Assen/Philadelphia: van
Gorcum/Fortress, 1984;

(4) "The Historical Background," The Literature of the Sages. Assen/Philadelphia: Van Gorcum; Fortress, 1987;

(5) "Pre-histories of Jerusalem in Hellenistic, Jewish and Christian Literature." JSP 1 (1987): 5-22.

Moshe Greenberg (Prof. Yitzhak Becker Professor of Jewish Studies)
General Research Interests: Art and Science of Bible Interpretation, Religion of Ancient Israel
Biography: Born in Philadelphia, 1928. Ph.D University of Pennsylvania, 1954. Professor at the Hebrew University in 1970. Other Appointments: Assistent Professor, 1954, Assoc. Prof.1957 and Prof. 1961-1970 at University of Pennsylvania.Visiting Prof. Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, 1966-70 and University of California at Berkeley; Fellow, American Academy of Jewish Research.
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Wayne Horowitz (Lecturer, Department of Assyriology)
General Research Interests: Ancient Near East, Religion, Mythology, Science, Astronomy. Current Research Projects: Astrolabes, Mesopotamian Astronomy before 1,000 BCE.

Biography: Dr. Wayne Horowitz is a Lecturer in the Rothberg School for Overseas Students and the Department of Assyriology at the Hebrew University. His field of specialization is Ancient Near Eastern (Sumerian and Akkadian) literature, religion, mythology, science, and astronomy. Dr. Horowitz is a native of Rosyln, Long Island, USA, and completed his B.A. at Brandeis University. His Ph.D. is from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. His first book, Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography, will be appearing shortly.

Publications: (Books) -- (1) Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography. Winoa Lake, ID.: Eisenbrauns, (in press); (2) The Astrolabes and Related Texts: Mesopotamian Astronomy Before 1000 B.C. Vienna: Archiv für Orientforschung Beihefte-series, (in preparation); (3) with P. Watson, A Catalogue of Cuneiform Tablets in the Birmingham City Museum (Volume 2). 1993; (3) with P. Watson, A Catalogue of Cuneiform Tablets in the Birmingham City Museum (Volume 1). 1986.

(Articles)-- (1) "An Astronomical Fragment from Columbia University and the Babylonian Revolts against Xerxes." Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies 23 (1994) 61-67; (2) "Two New Ziqpu-Star Texts." Journal of Cuneiform Studies 43 (1994) 89-98; (3) "A Join to Enuma Anu Enlil 50." Journal of Cuneiform Studies 43 (1994) 127-129; (4) with S. Paul, "Two Proposed Janus Parallelisms in Akkadian Literature." N.A.B.U. (1995) 11-12; (5) "Moab and Edom in the Sargon Geography." Israel Exploration Journal 43 (1993) 151-156; (6) "A Parallel to Shamash Hymn 11-12 and the Melammu of the Sun." N.A.B.U. (1993) 54-55; (7) "Mesopotamian Accounts of Creation." Encyclopedia of Cosmology. Ed. N. Hetherington (Garland Press, 1993) 387-397; (8) with V. Hurowitz, "Urim and Thummim in Light of a Psephomancy Ritual from Assur (LKA 137)." Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies 21 (1992) 95-115; (9) with A. Shaffer, "An Administrative Tablet from Hazor: A Preliminary Edition." Israel Exploration Journal 42 (1992) 21-33; (10) with A. Shaffer, "A Fragment of a Letter from Hazor." Israel Exploration Journal 42 (1992) 165-167; (11) "Two Abnu-Sikinsu Fragments." Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 82 (1992) 112-121; (12) "A Kettle-Drum Ritual during Iyar Seleucid Era 85." N.A.B.U. (1991) 52-53; (13) "The Reverse of the Neo-Assyrian Planisphere CT 33 11." Grazer Morgenlandische Studien 3 (1991) 149-159; (14) "Antiochus I, Esagil, and a Celebration of the Ritual for Renovation of Temples." Revue d'assyriologie 85 (1991) 75-77; (15) with P. Watson, "Further Notes on Birmingham Cuneiform Tablets volume I" Acta Sumerologica 13 (1991) 409-417; (16) "Two Notes on Etana's Flight to Heaven." Orientalia 59 (1990) 511-517; (17) "The Isles of the Nations: Genesis 10:5 and Babylonian Geography." Studies in the Pentateuch (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum XLI. Ed. J. A. Emerton (1990) 35-43; (18) "More Writings for Ursa Major with Determinative gis." N.A.B.U. (1990) 2-3; (19) "Two Mul-Apin Fragments." Archiv für Orientforschung 36/37 (1989/90) 116-117; (20) "A Middle-Assyrian Exemplar of Urra." Archiv f&uumml;r Orientforschung 35 (1989) 161-178; (21) "An Akkadian Name for Ursa-Minor: = eriqqi samami." Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 79 (1989) 242-245; (22) "The Babylonian Map of the World." Iraq 47 (1988) 147-165; (23) with D. Geva, "Antiochus IV in Life and Death: The Babylonian Astronomical Diaries." Journal of the American Oriental Society (in press); (24) "Birmingham Astronomical Cuneiform Texts." Festschrift for W. G. Lambert (in press); (25) "Halley's Comet and Judean Revolts Revisited." Catholic Biblical Quarterly (in press); "Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging of Sealed Clay Cuneiform Tablets" (in Hebrew). HaTebah Archaeologia WeMedeah 3 (1995) 8-12; (26) "Unrest in Canaan: An Amarna Period on a Letter from Bet Shean" (in Hebrew). Kadmoniot (in press).

Avi Hurvitz (Benzion and Lina Halper Professor of Bible and Hebrew Language)
General Research Interests: Historical Development of the Hebrew Language and its Relation to the other Semitic Languages during the Biblical and post-Biblical periods; Linguistic Studies in the Realm of Biblical Criticism
Biography: Born in Ramat Gan, 1936. Ph.D.: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1967. Lecturer at H.U. in 1967, Senior Lecturer in 1971, Associated Professor in 1978, Professor in 1990. Other Appoinments: Research Fellow, Harvard University, 1965-67; Visiting Professor, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York; University of Pennsylvania, University of California at San Diego and Oxford Center for Postgrad. Hebrew Studies; Recipient Warburg Prize, 1963 and J.Klausner Award, 1968
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Sara Japhet (Professor of Bible)
General Research Interests: Biblical Religion, Biblical Historiography, Literature of the Restoration Period, Medieval Jewish Exegesis
Biography: Born in Tel Aviv, 1934. Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in 1973. Lecturer at the H.U. in 1973, Senior Lecturer 1977, Associate Professor in 1981, Professor in 1987. Other Appointments: Visiting Prof.Univer.of Berkeley and Jewish Theological Seminary, New York; Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford.
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Menahem Kister (Associate Professor)
Dead Sea Scrolls; Apocrypha; Midrash; Talmud
Selected Publications:
Kister, Menachem. "leToldot cat haEssim: Iunim beChazon haChiut, sefer haYovlim uBrit demasek." Tarbiz 56 (1 1987): 1-18.
(1) "Newly-Identified Fragments of the Book of Jubilees: Jub. 23:21-23, 30-31." RQ 12 (48 1987): 529-536. (2) "Olalot Misifrut Qumran." Tarbiz 57 (1988): 315-325. (3) "A Contribution to the Interpretation of Ben Sira." Tarbiz 59 (3-4 1990): 303-378. (4) "Metamorphoses of Aggadic Traditions." Tarbiz 60 (1991): 179-224. (5) "Commentary to 4Q298." JQR 85 (1-2 1994): 237-249. (6) "Commentary to 4Q298." Jewish Quarterly Review 85 (1994-95): 237-249.

Simcha Kogut (Senior Lecturer in Bible and Hebrew Language)
General Research Interests. Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic (phonology, morphology and syntax) and northwest Semitic background; linguistic approach of the medieval biblical commentators and the Hebrew reflected in thier commentaries; syntax and lexicology of medieval Ashkenazi Hebrew, development of syntactical structures in Hebrew.
Biography. Born in Tel Aviv, 1937. Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in 1976. Lecturer at the H.U. in 1979, Senior Lecturer in 1981. Other appointments. Visiting lecturer, Harvard University 1980-81; Visiting Scholar, Harvard University 1989-90; Recipient Lady Davis Fellowship, 1980-81
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Maren Niehoff (Lecturer)
Jewish Thought; Cain and Abel: The Main Features of Midrashim and Targumim, Philo and Josephus.
Selected Publications:
(1) "The Figure of Joseph in the Targums." JJS 39 (2 1988): 234-250. (2) The Figure of Joseph in Post-Biblical Jewish Literature. Arbeiten zur Geschichte des antiken Judentums und des Urchristentums. Leiden: Brill, 1992.

Shmuel Safrai (Professor of History of the Jewish People, Emeritus)
General Research Interest: Jewish History, Second Temple Period, Mishnah and Talmud.
Biography. Born in Warsaw, 1919. Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in 1957, Senior Lecturer at the H.U. in 1965, Associate Professor, 1969, Professor in 1978, Emeritus. Other Appointments: Associate Member, Institute of Classical Studies, London, 1961, and N.I.A.S., The Netherlands.
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

David Satran (Senior Lecturer)
Hellenistic Judaism; Early Christianity
Selected Publications: (1) Nebuchadnezzar Dethroned. The Interpretation of Daniel 4 in Early Jewish and Christian Literature. Harvard Semitic Monographs. Atlanta: Scholars Press, (2) Daniel: Seer, Philosopher, Holy Man. Ideal Figures in Ancient Judaism. Profiles and Paradigms. Chico CA: Scholars Press, 1980. (3) "Jerome's Commentary on Daniel." Tarbiz 52 (1 1982): 145-153. (4) The Lives of the Prophets. Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period. Assen/Philadelphia: van Gorcum/Fortress, 1984. (5) "Early Jewish and Christian Interpretation of the Fourth Chapter of the Book of Daniel." Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1985. (6) Biblical Prophets and Christian Legend: The Lives of the Prophets Reconsidered. Messiah and Christos. Studies in the Jewish Origins of Christianity presented to David Flusser on the occasion of his Seventy Fifth Birthday. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1992. (7) Pedagogy and Deceit in the Alexandrian Theological Tradition. Origeniana Quinta. Papers of the 5th International Origen Congress. Leuven: Peeters, 1993.

Daniel R. Schwartz (Associate Professor of History of the Jewish People)
General Research Interests: Jewish History and Historiography of the Late Second Temple period; King Agrippa I; Jewish Background of Early Christianity; History of Modern Jewish Studies of Antiquity.
Biography: Born in Syracuse (New York) 1952, Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1980. Lecturer at the H.U. om 1979, Senior Lecturer in 1984, Associate Professor in 1990.
Other Appointments: Recipient Wiznitzer Prize, 1987
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Avigdor Shinan (Associate Professor, Department of Hebrew Literature)
General Research Interests: Biblical Interpretation, Mishnah, Targum, Jewish Prayerbook. Current Research Projects: Midrash Shemot Rabbah, chapters 15-52 (a critical edition); The Book of Jonah in ancient Jewish literature (with Prof. Y. Zakovitch).

Biography: Professor Avigdor Shinan was born in Prague in 1946, and emigrated to Israel in 1949. From 1964 to 1967, Professor Shinan served in the Israeli Defense Forces. In 1972, he received B.A. in Biblical Studies and Hebrew Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1978, he received Ph.D. from the Hebrew University. From 1979 to 1980, Professor Shinan conducted post-doctoral research at Columbia University and The Jewish Theological Seminary (NY). Professor Shinan served as Lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University in the years 1979-1983, and as Senior Lecturer in the years 1983-1991. In the years 1984-85, Professor Shinan was invited by Yale University and The Jewish Theological Seminary (NY) as Visiting Professor. He served as the Editor of Kiryat Sefer, a bibliographical quarterly of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem. Professor Shinan was invited by Yeshiva University (NY) as Visiting Professor in the years 1991-92. And since 1991, Professor Shinan has served the Department of Hebrew Literature at Hebrew University as Associate Professor.

Publications: (Books) -- (1) The Biblical Story as Reflected in its Aramaic Translations (in Hebrew). Tel Aviv: Hakkibutz Hameuchad, 1993; (2) The Embroidered Targum: the Aggadah in Targum Pseudo-Jonathan to the Pentateuch (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1992; (3) The World of the Aggadah (Broadcast University Series). Tel-Aviv: Publication of the Ministry of Defense, 1990 (Original Hebrew edition, 1987; Russian translation, 1990); (4) Midrash Shemot Rabbah, Chapters I-XIV. A Critical Edition Based on a Jerusalem Manuscript, with Variants, Commentary, and Introduction (in Hebrew). Jerusalem/Tel Aviv: Dvir Publishing House, 1984; (5) The Book of Genesis in the Bible, the Old Versions and the Ancient Jewish Literature (Monograph Series, co-authored with Y. Zakovitch, in Hebrew). Five Volumes, 1983-1992; (6) The Aggadah in the Aramaic Targums to the Pentateuch (in Hebrew). Jeruasalem: Makor Publications, 1979. (Ph.D. dissertation, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1978); (5) with J. Heinemann, The Statutory Prayers of the Sabbath and the Weekdays (in Hebrew). Tel-Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1977.

(Articles) -- Over fifty articles in Hebrew or English on various issues related to ancient biblical interpretation, especially Midrash and Targum.

Michael E. Stone (Professor of Armenian Studies, Departments of Comparative Religion and Indian, Iranian, and Armenian Studies)
General Research Interests: Jewish Literature and Thought of the Second Temple Period; The development of apocryphal traditions in Judaism and Christianity; Pilgrimage to the Holy Land; Armenian literature, particularly that deriving from and associated with the Bible; Armenian palaeography and Armenian epigraphy with a particular stress on the Holy Land and Sinai; History of the Armenians in the Holy Land.

Current Research Projects: (1) The Literature of Adam and Eve, with G. A. Anderson; (2) Publication of assigned fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls; (3) Critical Edition of the Armenian Version of the Testament of the Twelve Patriarch; (4) Album of Armenian Paleography; (5) Armenian Literature relating to Adam and Eve.

Biography: Professor Michael Stone received his B.A. (Hons.) in Classics and Semitics from the University of Melbourne. He then completed Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. Professor Stone also received D.Litt. from the University of Melbourne. Professor Stone received the Jack Kolligian Award for Outstanding Achievements and Contributions to Armenian Studies and Culture in 1988 and the Lakritz Prize for Commentary on 4 Ezra (Institute of Jewish Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) in 1991. Professor Stone is a Foreign Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, a Foreign Member of the Instituto Lombarda: Academy of Sciences and Letters of Lombardy (Italy), and an Honourary Member of Associazione "Padus-Araxes" (Venice).

Publications for 1994-95: (Books) -- (1) with G. A. Anderson, A Synopsis of the Primary Adam Literature. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994; (2) with S. Ajamian (eds.), Text and Context: Studies in the Armenian New Testament (University of Pennsylvania Armenian Texts and Studies, 13). Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994.

(Articles) -- (1) "Some Remarks on 'On the Creation of the World' by Yovhannes TTlkurancTi." New Approaches to Medieval Armenian Language and Literature (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature, 3). Ed. J. J. S. Weitenberg (Amsterdam and Atlanta: Rodopi, 1995) 63-78; (2) "The Album of Armenian Paleography with Some Pickings from Armenian Colophones." Gazette du livre m.di.val 26 (1995) 8-17; (3) "Colophons in Armenian Manuscripts." Scribi e Colofoni: Le Sottoscrizioni di Copisti dalle Origini all'Avvento della Stampa. Ed. E. Condello and G. De Gregorio (Spoleto: Centro Italiano di Studi sull'Alto Medioevo, 1995) 463-471; (4) "A New Edition and Translation of the Question of Ezra." Solving Riddles and Untying Knots: J. C. Greenfield Festschrift. Ed. Z. Zevit, S. Gittin, and M. Sokoloff (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 1995) 293-316; (5) "Some New Major Tools for Armenian Studies." Newletter of the Assoc. Int. des Etud. Arm. 20.20 (1994); (6) "Eight Manuscripts of the Testament of the Twelve Patriachs." Text and Context: Studies in the Armenian New Testament (University of Pennsylvania Armenian Texts and Studies 13). Eds. S. Ajamian and M. E. Stone (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994) 75-82; (7) with J. C. Greenfield, "The First Manuscript of Aramaic Levi from Cave 4 at Qumran (4QArLevia)." Le Mus.on 107.3-4 (1994) 257-281; (8) "Jewish Tradition, the Pseudepigrapha and the Christian West." The Aramaic Bible: Targums in their Historical Context. Eds. D. R. G. Beattie and M. J. McNamara (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1994) 431-449.

Yaakov Sussmann (Professor Louis Ginzberg Professor of Talmud)
General Research Interests:
Biography: Born in Budapest, 1931. Ph.D at the Hebrew University in 1970. Lecturer at the H.U. in 1970, Senior Lecturer in 1971, Associate Professor in 1975, Professor in 1980.
Other Appointments: Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Gedalihu G. Stroumsa (Martin Buber Associate Professor of Comparative Religion)
General Research Interests: The idea of divinity in Early Christianity and other Late Antiquity Religious Movements. Problems and Issues in the Study of History of Religions since the 17th Century.
Biography: Born in Paris, 1948. Ph.D. at the Harvard University in 1978, Lecturer at the Hebrew University in 1978, Senior Lecturer in 1984, Associate Professor in 1988, Professor in 1994. Other Appointments: Fellow, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C.; Visiting Prof. Ecole Biblique et Archéologique Française, Ecole Pratique des hautes Etudes, Université de Montreal
Current Research Projects:
New Publications: Hidden Wisdom: Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian Mysticism, (Suppl. to Numen; Leiden: Brill, 1996) O. Limor and G.G. Stroumsa, eds.: Contra Iudaeos: Ancient and Medieval Polemics between Christians and Jews, (Tübingen: Mohr (Siebeck), 1996) H.G. Kippenberg and G.G. Stroumsa, eds.: Secrecy and Concealment: Studies in the History of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Religions (Suppl. to Numen; Leiden: Brill, 1995)

Shemaryahu Talmon (Judah L. Magnes Professor Emeritus of Bible)
General Research Interests: Israel in the Restoration Period after the Babylonian Exile; Commentary on the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah; Emergence of Jewish Sectarianism in the Second Temple Period; Qumran Studies
Biography: Born in Skierniwiece (Poland), 1920. Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1955. Senior Lecturer in 1963, Associate Professor 1966, Professor in 1974, Emeritus; Dean, Faculty of Humanities, 1975-78. Other Appointments: Lecturer, Leeds University, 1950-51; Visiting Assistent Professor, 1961-62, Golding Prof., 1962-63, and Visiting Prof., Brandeis University.; Visiting Lecturer, 1962-63 and Visiting Prof., Harvard University, Visiting Prof.,University of California at Berkeley, Univ. of Lucerne, Vanderbilt Univ.; Rector, College for Jewish Studies, Heidelberg; Recipient Romano Guardini Medal, Katholische Akademie in Bayern, 1975; Fellow Institute of Advanced Studies, H.U.; Natl.Humanities Ctr., N.Carolina
Current Research Projects:
New Publications:

Zippora Talshir (Lecturer)
Hebrew Bible and Septuagint

Emanuel Tov (Professor, Department of Bible)
Bible; Septuagint; Dead Sea Scrolls

Biography: Professor Emanuel Tov is the Editor-in-Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project.

Publications: (Books) -- (1) with Stephen J. Pfann, The Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche--A Comprehensive Facsimile Edition of the Texts from the Judean Desert, with a Companion Volume. Leiden: E. J. Brill and IDC, 1993; (1*) Revised Edition of (1): Companion Volume to The Dead Sea Scrolls Microfiche Edition (Second Revised Edition). Leiden: E. J. Brill and IDC, 1995; (2) with R. A. Kraft, The Greek Minor Prophets Scrolls from Nahal Hever, (8HevXIIgr) (The Seiyal Collection I) (Discoveries in the Judean Desert VIII). Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1990; (2*) Second corrected printing of: The Greek Minor Prophets Scrolls from Nahal Hever, (8HevXIIgr) (The Seiyal Collection I) (Discoveries in the Judean Desert VIII). Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1990 [1995]; (3) The Textual Criticism of the Bible--An Introduction (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Mosad Bialik, 1989; (3a) Expanded and updated version of 3: Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible. Minneapolis and Assen/Maastricht: Fortress Press and Van Gorcum, 1992. (4)Tov, E. The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research: Revised and Enlarged Second Edition. Jerusalem Biblical Studies 8, Jerusalem: Simor Ltd., 1997.

Moshe Weinfeld (Professor Emeritus, Department of Bible)
General Research Interests: Bible and the Ancient Near East: Dead Sea Scrolls. Current Research Projects: Bareki Nafsi hymns from Qumran (DJD edition, Oxford); Deuteronomy 12-34, Anchor Bible Commentary, Doubleday.

Biography: Professor Moshe Weinfeld was born in Poland in 1925, and immigrated to Israel in 1948. Professor Weinfeld completed B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during the years 1951-1964. He was Instructor at the Hebrew University in the years 1961-66, and was Senior Lecturer from 1969 to 1972. He was Associate Professor in the years 1973-1977, and has been Profesor since 1978. Professor Weinfeld was invited as Visiting Professor by various institutions: The Jewish Theological Seminary (1966-69), Brandeis University (1967-68), University of California, San Diego (1981), University of California at Berkeley (1989). Professor Weinfeld has served as the Chair of the International Team of Scholars at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University, two times: 1978-79 (Bible and Ancient Near East) and 1989-1990 (Qumran Scrolls). Professor Weinfeld was the Editor of Shnaton -- Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in 1976. During the years 1993-94, Professor Weinfeld served as a Fellow at the Center for Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey. Professor Weinfeld has held memberships in various academic associations: the Editorial Board of Vetus Testamentum; Life Membership of the Perry Foundation Committee for Biblical Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; the Society for Biblical Literature; the Council of the World Union for Jewish Studies (Jerusalem). Professor Weinfeld received various prizes. Among them are the Ben Zvi Prize for the History of the Land of Israel, awarded for the book, From Joshua to Josiah (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1991) and the Israeli Prize for Biblical Research, awarded by the Ministry of Education.

Publications: (Books) -- (1) Social Justice in Ancient Israel and in the Ancient Near East. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1995; (2) The Promise of the Land: The Inheritance of the Land of Canaan by the Israelites. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1993; (3) A Commentary on Deuteronomy: Chapters 1-11 (Anchor Bible). New York: Doubleday, 1991; (4) From Joshua to Josiah: Decisive Periods in the History of Israel. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1991; (5) The Organizational Pattern and the Penal Code of the Qumran Sect: A Comparision with Guilds and Religious Associations of the Hellenistic Roman Period (Novum Testamentum et Orbis Antiquus 2). Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1986; (6) Justice and Righteousness in Israel and the Nations: Equality and Freedom in Israel in the Light of Ancient Near Eastern Concepts of Justice. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1985; (7) Historiography and Interpretation--Studies in Biblical and Cuneiform Literature. Eds. H. Tadmor and M. Weinfeld. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1983; (8) Ed. of Genesis, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy in The World of the Bible. Tel-Aviv: Revivim Publishers, 1983; (9) Editor of "Likutei Tarbitz" I -- A Biblical Reader Selected from Tarbitz. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1979; (10) Editor of "Shnaton" -- Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (Volume 1). Tel Aviv: M. Newman, 1976; (11) Commentary on the Book of Genesis (in Hebrew). Tel Aviv: Massadah, 1975; (12) Mesopotamian Creation Epic Enuma-elish: Transliteration, Translation, and Notes (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Akademon, 1973; (13a) Introductory Chapters on the Bible, Part I (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Akademon, 1972; (13b) Introductory Chapters on the Bible, Part II (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Akademon, 1976; (14) Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomic School. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1972.

(Articles) -- (1) "The Song of the Angels (Qedushah) at Qumran" (Lecture given at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, April 25, 1990). (In press); (2) "Grace after Meals in Qumran." Journal of Biblical Literature 111 (1992) 427-440; (3) "Prayer and Liturgical Practice in the Qumran Sect." The Dead Sea Scrolls: 40 Years of Research (March 20-24, 1988, Haifa University). Ed. D. Dimant and U. Rappaport (Jerusalem 1992) 241-258; (4) "God Versus Moses in the Temple Scroll: 'I Do Not Speak on My Own But on God's Authority.'" Revue de Qumran 15 (1991) 175-180; (5) "The Charge of Hypocrisy in Matthew 23 and in Jewish Sources." Immanuel 24-25(Studies in Honor of D. Flusser) (1990) 52-58; (6) "The Morning Prayers in Qumran and in the Conventional Jewish Liturgy." Revue de Qumran 13 (1988) 481-494; (7) "The Day of the Lord: Aspirations for the Kingdom of God in the Bible and in Jewish Liturgy." Studies in Bible (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXI). Ed. S. Japhet (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1986) 341-372; (8) "Sarah and Abimelech (Genesis 20) against the Background of the Assyrian Law and Genesis Apocryphon." Festschrift M. Delcor (AOAT 215) 1985, 431-436; (9) "The Decalogue: Its Uniqueness and Its Place in Israel's Tradition." The Ten Commandments in the Perspective of Generation (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1985) 1-34; (10) "Minchah." Theologisches Worterbuch zum Alten Testament (Band IV). Eds. Botterweck, Ringgrin (1984) Columns 998-1000; (11) "On the Question of Morning Benedictions." Tarbitz 51 (1982) 495-496; (12) "They Should Bring All of Their Strength and All of Their Wealth into the Community of God." Studies in Bible in Memory of Y. M. Grintz. (Tel Aviv, 1982) 37-41; (13) "The Royal Guard according to the Temple Scroll." Revue Biblique 87 (1980) 394-396; (14) "The Prayers for Knowledge, Repentance and Forgiveness in the Amidah Prayer." Tarbiz 48 (1979) 186-200; (15) "Temple Scroll or King's Law" (in Hebrew) Shnaton 3 (1978); (16) "Pentacost as Festival of the Giving of the Law" Immanuel 78 (1978), 7-18; (17) "The Hymn to Samas." Shnaton 2 (1977) 60-81; (18) "Traces of the Qedushah of Yozer and the Morning Benedictions in Qumran and Ben Sirah." Tarbiz 45 (1976) 16-26; (19) "Acceptance of the Heavenly Yoke." Ugarit Forschungen 8 (1976) 379-414.

Yair Zakovitch (Professor of Bible)
General Research Interests: :Literary-Critical Commentary on the Scroll of Ruth, Commentary on the Scroll of Songs of Songs, the Idea of the Exodus; Inner-Biblical Interpretation; The Book of Genesis in the old versions and Ancient Jewish Literature
Biography: Born in Haifa, 1945. Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1978. Lecturer at the H.U. in 1978, Senior Lecturer, 1981; Associate Professor, 1985. Other Appointments: Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania; Visiting Professor at the University of California at Berkeley.
Current Research Projects: