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orion-list Re: orion-digest V2001 #16 11Q5 handle sheet

Dear Ulrich

Does anyone know whether  there have been
> found uninscribed leather fragments in Cave 11 that could be part 
of the
> handle-sheet at the beginning of 11 QPsalms a? Thanks for Your 

With regard to your question about possible remains of a handle 
sheet of 11QPs-a. Mus. Inv. 1030 consists of uninscribed 
fragments of cave 11 texts. Some of these fragments have rulings, 
some don't. It is clear from inspection that these uninscribed 
fragments stem from various scrolls. Only those which stem from 
11Q17 are published as 11Q17 38-41 in DJD XXIII. 
I must confess that in my examination of this Mus. Inv. I did not 
systematically or thoroughly compare these uninscribed fragments 
to the other 11Qtexts. You should compare the skin of the other 
fragments of MusInv 1030 to that of 11Q5. I doubt whether the 
photograph IAA 525613 could help you in this respect. 

Eibert Tigchelaar
Univ. of Groningen


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