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orion-list "Scroll jars"

    It is indeed good to see this discussion arising once again. Scroll jars 
would certainly be an inappropriate term if the scrolls wouldn't fit. And 
those that were found tightly rolled and best preserved would not fit, I 
don't believe, in the cave jars if one were to check the measurements of the 
jars, the widths of the mouths and compare them to the rolled scrolls.
    Of course, it could have been that the scrolls of which only fragments 
remained were the ones in the jars, but that's counter intuitive.
    So how long might parchment last out of a jar in caves where bats are 
dropping, the air is corrosive and there is often water on the floor? Is it 
true that the climate in the fist 6 centuries CE or so was significantly 
wetter than today? Is that relevant? Some have said the environments in the 
caves was stable. I suspect not everyone would agree.
    But on another subject, would someone on this list be willing to help 
off-list with some questions about the evolution of word and sentence 
separation in Hebrew and/or point to the most authoritative source(s)? If so, 
please reply privately. Thanks.

David Crowder
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