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Re: orion-list "Scroll jars": inappropriate term

In reply to Greg Doudna's  recent attempt to disassociate the scrolls
from the jars I would to make the following observations.

1. Cave number 7 which contained the scroll jar with the name Roma
written twice on the shoulder in Hebrew was found to contain several
manuscripts written in Greek. Secondly recent analysis of the jar showed
that it was mfg. in the pottery kiln of Qumran and not imported from
outside the region nor from Rome.

2. Compare the  near complete scrolls 'allegedly' found in the scrolls
jars in cave 1 with those found in cave 4, the latter numbering in the
hundreds and in a very poor state of preservation, owing to the fact
that they were simply deposited in the cave sans jars. The qualitative
difference between the two find sites, wherever and whatever happened in
Cave 1 should speak for itself.

3. If indeed these jars were used for water, food ect, as Greg suggests,
they why  are they not found at Ain el Ghuweir and other nearby sites,
not to mention Masada, Ein Gedi, ect ?

Joe Zias
Science and Arch. Group at the Hebrew University

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