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orion-list Re: A Further Clarification

Dear Orion,

"Rochelle I. Altman" wrote:

> The distance of "2 miles" is as the crow flies; we are talking about sub-
> stantially more than 5 kilometers on foot via a rough track that climbs
> up and down. In the desert, a source of water is considered nearby/close/a
> walk -- if the source can be walked to *without* carrying a water container
> with one; a distance of 150 to 200 meters. If one must carry a water skin/
> bag/canteen, then a source more than 5 kilometers away is neither nearby
> nor a "walk"; it is a trip -- and one must calculate how much water to
> carry with one.
> etc.

I guess my earlier statement needs further clarification.

When I said on Dec 14:

" 5 meters to the west of the southwest cistern (loc 91) of Qumran are the
remains of a stable (loc 97) for about 10 pack animals. Similarly, at Ein
(less than two miles away) is a stable (loc 17-19) for about 10 pack animals
the pool of the spring."

I had presumed mistakenly that most every reader would conclude that no person
from Qumran needed to walk any further than to the SW cistern (loc. 91) for
their water needs. This was due entirely to the fact that  donkeys were
regularly sent from the spring carrying potable water in order to keep the
cistern full.

In case anyone is interested in trivia, the cistern could hold more than 2000
cubic meters of water.


Concerning the statement:

"One may know oxidation chemistry, but be unable to build a campfire. Talk
to people in the real world, not theoreticians."

No comment.

(By the way, I wouldn't walk for two miles every time I needed to fill my
canteen with water either. My colleagues and I know how to build campfires ...
some of us can even do so without matches if necessary).

Peace and glad tidings to all,

S. Pfann


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