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orion-list Bedouin or Essene Beads?

On the question of the beads in the graves at Kh. Qumran, maybe I have
missed something in the discussion so far, but should we not consider
the likelihood of Essene women wearing beaded bracelets? Assuming that
the site is Essene (as I do) is it not rather unlikely that any female
members of the Essene movement would wear the beads found in the
contested graves, given that the Book of Watchers, a text of some
importance to the movement, ascribes the revelation of the making of
"bracelets, decorations... precious STONES" and female ornamentation
generally to the fallen watchers? A similarly negative view of female
ornamentation is reflected in 4Q184 (though admittedly that text need
not be read as a condemnation of all jewelry per se).

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