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Re: orion-list More than enough

Dear Joe,

If I may be simplistic and hopefully not too out of date and ignorant-
NOt so simple! Mnaual of Disciline suggests that communitity organization
resembled how Josephus describes that of the Essenes. MMT shows that the
halakhah advocated by its author resembled that attributed to
Saducees. Assumihg the two documents trepresent the same group, This
leaves open the possibility that you have a group of 
saducees living a life of isolation and following an Essene model, or a
group of Essenes who follow Saducee halakhah, or another group which does
both, and I assume there are other possibilities as well. Remember that a
religious qibbutz and a mapai qibbutz may have similar daily lives but
quite different faith systems.  So manual of discipline raises the
possibility of an Essene group but not sufficient proof. And the rest I'm
sure more qualified beney-Orion and benot-Orion of this list will be happy
to fill in.


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