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orion-list Jar sans scrolls

My reply was motivated by a continuing presentation of the 1Q jar as a
container of scrolls. This may be true; but it may not. At the Library of
Congress site  http://lcweb.loc.gov/exhibits/scrolls/art1.html created for
the scrolls exhibit about eight years ago says this:

"Some of the scrolls found by Bedouin shepherds in 1947 were discovered in
cylindrical pottery jars of this type, which are unknown elsewhere. Many
authorities consider the discovery of these unique vessels in the Qumran
excavations as well as in the caves, as convincing evidence of the link
between the settlement and the caves. These jars, like the other pottery
vessels recovered at Qumran, were probably manufactured locally."

This has been repeated at other exhibition venues.

Irv Diamond

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> Irv Diamond is certainly right, I just wanted to air a quite common
> that the jars were really "scroll jars" (a term that I think is already
> suspicious). The cave number must be 1Q which was discovered by Bedouin
> with no archaeologist present, as we all know.
> Jurgen

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