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Re: orion-list replies

Shalom Al

Thanks for the clarification on the points that you raised in your
posting. Let me be brief so as not to run this thing into the ground,
where it all started.

1. As for the human remains from T-9,  this was the least of my problems
as I knew about her back in the mid-1970's when she was in a certain
storeroom here in the country. She was def. feminine, however the rest
of the material save one or two individuals were missing and thought to
have been reburied at the site. As little was published over the years
on the arch. of the site the whole issue of the cemetery was a moot one
in which I never even had a second thought about.

2. As for the typo, and the reason that there may not be anymore is that
I had an assistant editor/fact checker (Andrew Gross) that most
researchers would kill for. This article is the only article in my
career that I have ever publicly thanked the editor by name for their
skills and I did it in the first sentence. I'll take the blame for the

3. Believe me I had no agenda and could care less in the beginning if it
were male, female or whatever. The data fit the Essene hypothesis which
incidentally seems to be accepted by all of those individuals publishing
the scrolls. The nay sayer's aside from one (Hirschfield) are or appear
to be a small minority and what ties them all together is the fact that
they are not dirt archaeologists. I may be wrong but this is the
impression that I have and it's understandable why they fail to
understand the issue at hand.

4. There will always be facts and contradictions which do not fit the
idea of the Qumran equals Essene hypothesis however if one looks at the
overall picture, and the new evidence that the scroll jars were mfg. at
the site, it's pretty compelling that De Vaux was correct. Look at the
scant  archaeological evidence for the First Temple in Jrsm. or the
current Davidic controversies. Here evidence pales in comparsion to that
of Qumran yet few argue the evidence for their existence in one form or
the other.  Anyway, absolute truth lasts but 20 years... we'll just have
to wait.


Joe Zias

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