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orion-list factores legis; north-west shore

"Esseni..., seu Essaei, id est, factores legis, secta Judaeorum...."

Essenes = factores legis = doers of the law = 'osey hatorah

The quote is from Jacob Triglandius, Trium Scriptorum Illustrium de Tribus 
Judaeorum Sectis Syntagma (1703) page 107, which is here a reprint of 
Nicolaus Serarius, Trihaeresium..., lib. III cap.1, originally published, I 
think, 1604, Frankfurt, who was quoting David Chytraeus [Kochhafe], 
Onomasticon (1557 and ff) who was aware of yet earlier such statements.

Essenes "...settled on the north-west shore of the Dead Sea (Pliny, Hist. 
Nat. v, 17...."

The quote is from C. D. Ginsburg, "Essenes," vol. 3, page 304 in Cyclopedia 
of Biblical... (ed. J. M'Clintock & J. Strong; NY, 1870), though Ginsburg, 
I think, first published the article in Kitto's Cyclopedia (London, 1862).

Factores legis, living on the north-west shore of the Dead Sea.


Stephen Goranson

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