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Re: orion-list Essenes at Qumran: A Reality Check

Gentle people--

As astonishing as Rochelle' minimum of 32 l/day seems, some specialists seem to
think the figure is even higher:

     "The minimum basic water requirement for human health,
including drinking water, is 50 liters per capita per day ...[Pimentel, D, O.
Bailey, P. Kim, E. Mullaney, J. Calabrese, L. Walman, F. Nelson, and X. Yao.  WILL
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, CORNELL UNIVERSITY, February 25, 1999]
    [see also Gleick, P.H. 1996.  Basic water requirements for human activities:
meeting basic needs.  Water International   21(2): 83-92.]

"Rochelle I. Altman" wrote:

> Peter,
> The figures are "unrealistic," if and only if one does not pay attention
> to what is written. I did not make an unqualified statement. One can get
> by on less, IF one is sedentary; as I *stated*. One can make it thorugh
> the day on much less, IF one adapts one's life-style to the climate, as
> do the Bedouins. Nevertheless, one still will need to make up the deficit
> at the next water source. The figure I gave, 32 liters per person per day,...

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