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Re: orion-list Essenes at Qumran: A Reality Check-For Whom??

Dr. Zias,

Please do not be facetious. I purposely presented the water requirements
in a form that makes the calculations easy for others to follow. Water is
water, whether in liquid form or in the fruits and vegetables and the
majority of the foods we eat. It matters not a bit if the water comes as
a liquid or as a food; the total water intake needed in that climate will
equal that averaged amount of 2 liters per person per hour. Whatever the
form of water intake, the *weight* is still there.

There is a simple experiment that anyone can do for him- or herself with-
out much danger. Weigh yourself; dress, then go outside in the heat and dig
holes for one hour. Next, without drinking water or other liquids, remove
the wet clothing and weigh yourself again. The weight loss equals the
amount of water lost in sweat.

   >As far as the assertion by Dr. Altman that agriculture needs water
   >at a rate of 70 times of that of an individual,

Why on earth do you think so much effort has gone into finding alternate
ways of agricultural irrigation? All of a sudden they had drip systems and
buried "leaky" hose systems back then? The rate of 70 times of that of an
individual for open irrigation is correct. Please read bulletins issued by
the US Department of Agriculture or The Ministry of Agriculture of the
State of Israel on water needs and conservation techniques. Then, there is
always, of course, the direct method: count the horse's teeth. You can go
to a Moshav, one of those with groves of fruit trees, for instance, and ask
the farmers what percentage of water they use for agriculture and what per-
centage they use for humans. (As a bonus, you can also listen to the farmers
complain about the cost of agricultural irrigation.)

Oh, yes, a reality check for whom? Certainly not for me: I am familiar with
the environment of the Dead Sea area, and I lived for 8 years in Good Old
"but it's a dry heat" Arizona as well. The whole point of the reality check
is to open doors for others; doors that have been barred and locked against
all comers.


PS: Daniel, so you tramped around those hills in the blazing heat for 12
hours -- with a canteen at your hip and a base camp with a water tank.
Right. Then you returned to your hotel and took a nice refreshing shower
or bath and replenished your tissues either in liquid or food form. No?
Dr. Rochelle I. Altman, co-coordinator IOUDAIOS-L  risa@hol.gr

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