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orion-list Bingo! War Scroll , Cargo cults

> I made the suggestion some years ago in a paper read at the national
> AAR/SBL that the Similitudes of Enoch might be viewed in light of 
> similar cargo cult phenomenon.  I take them to have been produced 
> during the crisis threatening the temple under Gaius Caligula.  
> The paper was included in the SBL seminar papers:
> "The Measure of Redemption:  The Similitudes of Enoch, Nonviolence, and
> National Integrity," Society of Biblical Literature 1983 Seminar Papers,
> ed. Kent Harold Richards (Chico, California: Scholars Press, 1983):  
> 167-76.
> I encourage you to develop the idea, because I think that it has merit.
> David Suter
> Saint Martin's College

    To use a simple word, BINGO! is what I said when I saw the 
    Cargo Cult hypothesis set out.  It ended a search for me.  
    I won't live long enough to polish the idea but I can try.

    Thank you, David.  You answered a lot of questions with that
    suggestion.  It will take years to put together the answers.
    It will also be fun watching it done.

Tom Simms

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