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Re: orion-list guilty corpses

Dear Christophe,

    Having reread the passages you cited, I'd have to say, I stand very 
corrected.  1QM 7:5-7 definitely has the same sequence of topics and is 
clearly based on Deut. 23:9-14, which in turn calls for the (war) camp to be 
holy, for the reason you cite.  
    Thanks for setting me straight.
    I am now doubly perplexed with respect to those whose job description at 
1QM 7:2 included despoiling the slain.  I have assumed that they would incur 
a seven day impurity in doing so.  How was this implemented?  During this 
time were they required to eat and sleep in the wilds, or in an auxiliary 
camp, or what?  If so, I hope they got extra hazard pay.
   Or am I wrong that despoiling the slain would entail an uncleanness?  If 
one only touched, say, the clothes of the slain but avoided contact with the 
body as such, would that entail a one-day uncleanness curable by sundown with 
the red heifer ceremony?  I note that Num. 19 does not mention the clothes of 
the dead man.  But as I understand it, a corpse conveys uncleanness to 
"utensils" of cloth or sacking, which I would think includes clothes.  My 
apologies for asking questions of such a basic nature.

   Best regards,
   Russell Gmirkin
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