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orion-list Re: orion-digest V2000 #153

Dear Orionites,
If "Chutzpah" is Yiddish, is it cognate to some German word and which one? If 
so, it could be related to Greek "hubris" via Indo-European, way back. But 
I'm not sure how these 2 words even sound alike, though obviously their 
definitions are similar.

Thank you,
Levia Shanken

> Hope_Rosenbaum_Werner@deweyballantine.com wrote:
>  List Members:  First, I'm sorry that I've cross-posted.  A friend and I 
>  wondering over lunch whether hubris (Greek) and chutzpah (Hebrew) could be
>  cognates.  I thought chutzpah was Yiddish and therefore couldn't be related
>  to hubris.  I appear to be wrong -- it is Hebrew.  Any thoughts?
>  Best Regards,
>  Hope
>  As far as I know, it's Yiddish.  
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