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orion-list numbering of hodayoth

For all interested in the Reconstruction of 1 QH
In April there was a short discussion about the numbering of the
hodayoth according to Sukenik, Stegemann, and Puech. In the meantime H.
Stegemann in his article "The reconstruction of the Cave I Hodayot
Scroll" (Proceedings of the 50-Years-Congress Jerusalem 20-25 July 1997,
272-284; IES and Israel Museum, 2000; cf. Orion Bibliography) has
published in an appendix (p. 280) his own results on this topic. There
are some few very interesting and important corrections and modification
to my mail from April 7 . There is also a list of the position of nearly
all (!) the fragments in the scroll. With some phantasy, one can also
decipher the exact position of the fragments in the scroll  in the
enclosed photographs (p. 281-284).
Best wishes
Ulrich Dahmen

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