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orion-list Re: who is the well-known Karaite?

Zeitlin, in his The Zadokite Fragments (JQR MS 1) 1952, page 10, 
quotes a passage in Hebrew mentioning, inter alia, the sons of 
Zadok, the holy priests etc. He does not tell who wrote this 
passage, but merely states: "we know this passage was written by a 
well-known Karaite". 
I consulted a Hebraist working on Genizah fragments, who in turn 
consulted colleagues, but up to now no-one has identified this 
passage or the well-known Karaite. Which well-known Karaite wrote 
in Hebrew?
Even though the passage is only indirectly (or not at all) related to 
the DSS, I hope that some-one can enlighten me.

Eibert Tigchelaar
University of Groningen, Netherlands
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