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RE: orion-list Query re. "A Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea Scr olls..."

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I have a copy of the volume in its original form.  I think that if you'll
look more carefully at the library copy, you'll discover that what you're
describing as a page (with figures 8 and 9) glued onto a stub is actually
part of the manufacturing of the book designed to hold the first two
signatures together.  I'm not sure of all of the technical terminology here,
but if you'll look at the entire first signature, you'll discover that the
gluing continues onto the front of the book so that the first two pages in
the volume are held together in the same way.  The same is the case in the
last signature in the back of the book (note what happens to the two pages
holding plates 836-43), and the second volume is assembled in the same way.
If you look at the page numbers (and for that matter the figure numbers),
they are also continuous (there is a lowercase page number at the bottom of
the page with figure 8, for example).  I looked for a while because it's
difficult to determine just how the pages fit together, but pp. xxxiii-xxxiv
would appear to be the first sheet of the second signature, while what I'm
calling the first page in the first signature is actually continuous with
the paper glued to the inside of the front cover.  The page that has figure
8 on it is thus continuous with the page in the front that reads "A
Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls/ Volume I" (I can confirm that by
carefully lifting up on the inner corner of the pages between those two

I can't speak to the editions that were published after the court order, but
I can see no evidence that figure 8 was added as an afterthought, if that is
what you're thinking from your observations about the version in your

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

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> Subject: orion-list Query re. "A Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea
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> In the copy of this book which is in this library, Figure 8, the
> transliteration of MMT, seems to have been tipped into the 
> volume (i.e. the
> page is glued onto a stub).  We acquired the volume when the 
> book first
> appeared (it was catalogued here on December 4, 1991).  I 
> have access to
> another copy, which was purchased when the volumes were 
> heavily discounted
> some years later.  That copy does not include figure 8, which 
> has been cut
> out, but it does include one photocopied page explaining the 
> removal of
> figure 8 and another photocopied page of figure 9 (from the 
> reverse of the
> removed page).  A third copy of the work, which I saw 
> recently in a used
> book store in Chicago, has none of the front matter at all, 
> but begins with
> the Index.  Are there other versions of the thing in circulation?
> -Chuck Jones-
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