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Re: orion-list Kuhn and Popper

Thanks, Jurgen, for your comments. But have you read Joe Zias' new DSD 
article yet?

Since I offered to do so, here is a little bibliography on the Kuhn-Popper 
disagreement, a disagreement partly stated by Kuhn in the main text and 
postscript to his famous book. I don't claim to be familiar with all the 
relevant literature, and they were surely both provocative thinkers, even 
if I advocate neither worldview completely. I merely claim that each 
rejected substantial portions of each other's proposals (falsifiability, 
paradigm shifts). Some relevant volumes were not available, but here's what 
came quickly to hand:

Steve Fuller, "Being There with Thomas Kuhn: a Parable for Postmodern 
Times," History and Theory (rats forgot the year!- 1995 give or take 
1)241-75. Extremely critical of TK. SF has a book on TK (2000).

John Horgan. "Profile: Reluctant Revolutionary: TSK Unleashed 'Paradigm' in 
the World." Scientific American, May 1991, 40-9. Interview. TK: "I've often 
said I'm much fonder of my critics than my fans." (49) JH: "He also rejects 
the notion promulgated by Karl Popper...of falsifiability."

Routledge Enc.of Philosophy (1998) on Kuhn p317 "Many of [Structure of 
Scientific Revolutions'] assertions stood in marked opposition to the 
Popperian philosophy of critical rationalism."

History of Human Sciences 10 (1997) 129-33. 2 TK obituaries.

M. Seymour-Smith. The 100 Most Influential Books. (includes both TK and KP) 
p.467 "Kuhn's view was anathema to Popper..."

K. Popper, "The Rationality of Scientific Revolutions" in R. Hare ed. 
Problems of Scientific Revolutions (1975) 72-101.

I. Lakatos, ed. Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge 1970. (The Popper 
Conf. I mentioned; with responses to Kuhn's paper.)

Paul Horwich. World Changes: TK and the Nature of Science.


Stephen Goranson
Durham NC

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