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orion-list IAS courses

Posted on behalf of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University


"From Hellenistic Judaism to Christian Hellenism"
Seminar Schedule 2000/2001
Institute for Advanced Studies,
Hebrew University, Givat Ram

September 21, 2000  3:30pm
Prof. Hermann Lichtenberger: The Conflict of Willing vs. Doing: Romans
7:15 and 19

September 28, 2000  3:30pm
Prof. Tessa Rajak: The Septuagint Takeover

October 5, 2000  3:30pm
Prof. Adele Reinhartz: Jewish - Christian Relations in the Gospel of John

October 12, 2000  3:30pm
Dr. David Satran: Inconsistent or Deceitful?  Paul, Philo and the
Hellenistic Tradition

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